NIVEA Deodorant 100 years!
 For the past 100 years, experts in the category of NIVEA deodorants devise the most effective formula for protection against sweat and odor. Exactly a century ago appeared on the market the first product NIVEA Schweisspuder, designed to reduce perspiration and neutralize the smell of sweat. And to this day the brand is a trendsetter in the field of deodorants.

The first product NIVEA antiperspirant was established in 1914 and was intended not only for the underarms, but also for the hands and feet. Soon, however, due to the shortage of metal that was used for the manufacture of cans, production ceased.

 NIVEA Deodorant 100 years!

In 1951, after much research and development of new deodorant formulas, scientists Research Center Beiersdorf opened the active ingredient which effectively blocks the bacteria, preventing unpleasant odors. On the basis of NIVEA launches deodorant powder and soap. In 1958, deodorant powder was produced in the form of a spray and roller, and 1963 - in the format of the stick.

Almost at the turn of the century, in 1991, there was a full line of deodorant NIVEA, all based on the revolutionary formula without alcohol content. Then, in addition to the classical formats: spray and roller - antiperspirant issued in the form of a cream, and complete with a spray. Later, in 1993, and was put on the market and in the format of a deodorant stick.

Appears innovative deodorant "Silver protection" from NIVEA MEN, in the formula which uses silver ions to provide maximum antibacterial effect.

NIVEA brand has years of experience in the study of the problem of occurrence of stains on clothes after using deodorant. As a result, NIVEA the first on the market to offer a unique deodorant "Invisible protection" for women and "Invisible" for men who not only solve the problem of sweating, but also prevent the appearance of white spots on dark clothes and yellow on the light.

Experts of Research and Development NIVEA first found a way to provide protection not only from the usual, but also from the intense emotional sweating, firing range
"Protection of anti-stress."

In the market there is a unique deodorant "effect powders" from NIVEA with kaolin powder that instantly dries immediately after application and leaves no sticky feeling.

 NIVEA Deodorant 100 years!
  NIVEA Deodorant 100 years!

Author: Anna Shustrova