Fashion world bids farewell to Amy Winehouse
 It's only been two days after the singer was found dead in her new apartment in London. Today's funeral. The family prefers not to name the place of burial, and to do everything in private. A fashion world remembers and prays for Amy.

In 2006, it was first called "fashion icon", after the release of the album Back To Black. She was the muse of Karl Lagerfeld. In December 2007, held fashion shows Chanel, where all the models took to the podium with a high hairdo a la Amy Winehouse, according to the Charles. After the show, Karl Lagerfeld said: "She is a style icon."

In 2008, the discussion focused. Writer Lisa Armstrong heavily criticized the fact that the public has become fashionable to extol the style of Amy. Lisa was categorically opposed to the title "style icon" was a girl that is so unhealthy.

But the attention of the fashion world has been unstoppable.

 Fashion world bids farewell to Amy Winehouse
 Amy Winehouse performed at the opening of the store later Fendi (March 2008), where the same Lagerfeld again told her some compliments: "She is not only a muse, she is a genius. Her voice - one of the greatest voices today. "

But the Amy repeatedly said that fashion has nothing. She was not very interesting. After she was awarded five Grammy Awards, journalists asked her about her dress, which she wore (from Fendi). But then Amy said: "Excuse my ignorance, but I do not know anything about fashion ...".

 Fashion world bids farewell to Amy Winehouse
   Fashion world gradually grew cold to the style of Amy. The final point put the interview Harper`s Bazaar (November 2010), for which the singer was a complete failure. Journalists wrote that Amy could not really answer any of their questions, and the photo shoot was not able to do what is necessary, she could not even walk.

But for the new season (Fall-Winter 2011-12) Amy has left its small footprint. She has collaborated with clothing line Fred Perry, she was invited to make his own collection under the brand Amy even once appeared in a T-shirt from Fred Perry. Now, however, completely unknown what will happen to this collection, you dare to disclose the brand of clothing line, especially after so many unpleasant details about Amy, who now and then pop up in the media.

Author: Julia Gnedina