10 things a woman can do and after 40
 All the ladies who are afraid of the 40th anniversary, is dedicated to ...

10 things a woman can do and after 40:

1. Have the children.   Period when "Like a young girl" now moves much later. This is indicated by doctors, psychologists and sociologists say ... It just says life itself, living examples of it.

2. Start a new life.   To move to another city, in another country, to start from scratch with a clean slate - is it just for students? Life is much more varied such stereotypes.

3. Learning.   Not only is the second education. Who prevents just learn interesting case, the craft, even a new profession? To master the new technique manicure or learn a new language - these studies accurately without age!

4. Wear small.   Doubt? Then just buy a pair of tights denser - and more!

5. Travel and risk.   Do you think that only the spa resorts can be at your age? Still active travel, hiking and exploring new places - why deny yourself this? And best of varied active and passive recreation.

6. Dance.   Going to clubs. No, not in those over 40. In the usual youth discos, cafes and partying. Why is it that it is only for the young?

7. Find your love.   Incidentally, the marriages of 40, one of the strongest. And the age difference with a man can be absolutely anyone. If the youth is hard to imagine a relationship with a younger man, but now the difference can be and 10 and 15 years, both plus and minus!

8. Make a tattoo.   Even persistent, real and not temporary. And this is not an error of youth.

9. Change your style.   Dye your hair, hair cut dramatically, to change clothes ... Have you ever in your life had a fiery redhead? A ashy blonde? It's time to try. And when it is more to do, 80 or something?

10. Anything you want!   And this is the main thing that you can do exactly after 40. Life does not stop and does not end. Do not believe those who make you think so. Almost everything on the shoulder.

Author: Julia Gnedina