Comfort care bikini area by Venus
 This woman knows to be a goddess, beautiful internally and externally - should always look perfect. Therefore, procedures such as shaving and trimming of hair in the bikini area have consistently ranked in your daily grooming. This is especially important before the summer season, while the long-awaited vacation, daring swimsuits and hot southern nights.

In order for training to fly was easy and smooth, Venus is ruler of funds for a comfortable care bikini area: novelty Venus Bikini Trimmer   for a comfortable and safe trimming, Venus Embrace   - The top of evolution among the razors and shaving gel Satin Care Avocado Twist   avocado oil.

Trimming the hair with scissors does not always help achieve the desired length, and sophisticated electronic trimmers are uncomfortable and difficult to use.

Bikini trimmer from Venus   - Is a simple and comfortable care for the bikini zone in the home. He will take care of you to stay this goddess even in the most frank bathing suit. Trimmer will allow to comb and trim the hair to the desired length, and its comfortable floating head ensures the safety of the process. Rubberized handle trim in the form of droplets conveniently fits in your hand and did not slip, so take care of the bikini area easily, even taking a shower.

The final stage of styling bikini - a safe and comfortable shave. Due to the sharp blades 5 Venus Embrace   It leaves amazingly smooth places where the hair should not be. Special tape for improved helps the razor glide perfectly follows every curve of your body, and shaving gel Satin Care Avocado Twist   Avocado oil contains no soap, so it does not dry out the skin. It protects from cuts and scratches thanks to special components, slip, and gives a flawless skin smooth and velvety.

Remember that to be a goddess - so be sure at 100%. After all, the real goddess is beautiful underwear every day, not just on a romantic date. It boasts amazing silky smooth skin at any time, not only in the season-opening gowns and seductive swimsuits.

Feel like a goddess of the beach with a line of means for care of the bikini area from Venus!

Recommended retail price:
Bikini Trimmer Venus - 178 rubles.
Razor Venus Embrace - 399 rubles.
Shaving gel Satin Care Avocado Twist with avocado oil - 180 rubles.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila