The seven products that will make you happy
 The news is particularly topical at the time of the autumn blues and seasonal affective disorder. In addition to the fresh air, physical activity, beauty treatments and healthy food on our moods affect products containing the substance serotonin. Many know it. More know that serotonin is in the ice cream and chocolate. What other products can make us happier?

So our little hits products for happiness:

1. Chocolate.   This is definitely the first place. And any woman knows that she can give strength and cheer up - a piece of chocolate. Both at home and in the office and on vacation - the result is always the same good.

2. Blueberries.   Antioxidants and vitamin C contained in blueberries are excellent stress prevention. Blueberries contain fiber, which is great effect on digestion. Scientists have proved that poor digestion leads to a grouchy, among other things.

3. Chickpeas or garbanzo beans.   These are legumes, native to Asia, and before they could be found only in health food stores, but they are now more accessible. If you have not yet seen this product in stores, just remember. And when you see it - be sure to buy. What is so good these beans? They are much better than beans, since they are not puchit stomach. They contain amino acids, vitamin K, vitamin C. It is an excellent source of protein, and legumes can to some extent replace the meat. A chick is recognized by nutritionists nicest energizers among all legumes.

 The seven products that will make you happy

4. Grilled Chicken.   Oh, now experts on nutrition will scold me. Yes, I myself know that fried and fatty us harm. But if tortured blues, why not give yourself a little indulgence? Tryptophan is found in fried chicken or turkey, reduces stress and leads most people to a state of happiness. Get involved is not necessary, but a couple of times during the season you can indulge yourself. Well, what is the New Year's table without it?

5. Fish. It turns out that omega-3 fatty acids are good not only for health, but also to raise the spirit. For one thing: all the nutrients the fish bears, if prepared correctly. Fried fish is not as useful, the best baked or grilled. At least once a day in the fall of the diet should be a sea fish: salmon, mackerel, halibut or tuna.

6. Products containing carbohydrates.   Pasta, rice, bread, noodles and potatoes. The level of serotonin increases when you are filled with energy. Almost direct link. So do not forget about carbohydrates.

 The seven products that will make you happy

7. Coffee. Too much caffeine - it is bad, but a cup of coffee at a critical moment will cheer up, will give strength and performance.

Author: Julia Gnedina