Women choose the best phones in 2010
 Without a doubt, each of us uses a mobile phone, and even not one. Someone has not parted with the "darling" for many years, someone changes the mobile friends as gloves. However, indifferent to the subject of mobile communication is not there, because the cell phone - it's a thing that helps to be closer to his family and loved our people.

As part of the award "Golden Phone - 2010" Which holds one of the leading resources on the topic of mobile Mobiset.ru, experts selected the most popular mobile phones of the year. We invite you to take an active part in the vote and choose what you liked! Perhaps the device from the list of nominees is already in your purse; if not, then it's time to pay attention to the most-most in the world of high technology.

For example, it becomes legendary iPhone (in 2010 it came 4th generation!):

 Women choose the best phones in 2010

Or a miniature touch phone LG GD880, made from the highest quality materials:

 Women choose the best phones in 2010

Perhaps my voice will give you elegant and feminine Samsung S7070 La Fleur:

 Women choose the best phones in 2010

As you can see, the organizers of the competition offer a choice of a lot of interesting things! After all, in addition to phones, you can also give preference to its operator, as well as mobile phone stores, which are used to make purchases. Eventually it is possible to maintain and favorite brand of mobile phones that you use!

This year you will be able to share their opinions on the best devices in 2010 with friends from social network "Vkontakte», «Facebook» and «Twitter» by pressing the "Support! ". Visit the award http://premia.mobiset.ru and make your choice!

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Author: Julia Gnedina