Bronze Goddess-2010 by Estee Lauder
 Traditionally summer brand Estee Lauder pleases luxurious collection of Bronze Goddess. The limited number of new products have entered the summer makeup products, products for the body and exquisite flavor. Become a true goddess of the new summer collection of juicy make-up, exciting and luxurious fragrance line sunscreen!

• Makeup Bronze Goddess Collection . Exotic bright colors and seductive bronze radiance creates a stunning image of the goddess eyelids flicker juicy metallic shades, bright lips beckon tempting shine and your skin if touched sunlight. You - a real, goddess!

 Bronze Goddess-2010 by Estee Lauder

As part of the make-up line:
- NEW liquid shadows Liquid Eyeshadow. Weightless creamy texture makes the metallic pigment is even more intense from the first application. Tempted delicious shades Ultra Violet, Aqua Flash, Molton Bronze and Sand Shimmer. Shadows do not fade and are not showered for 12 hours.

- NEW volume waterproof mascara Sumptuous Waterproof Bold Volume ™ Lifting Mascara color Black.

- NEW Lip Gloss Bronze Goddess Exotic Lipgloss - a bright accent, as well as possible transmission juicy summer colors. Means represented by two actual shades of Wild Orchid and Wild Coral. Luxurious shine and smooth finish make the image even more sensuous and non-sticky formula provides long-lasting hydration and an extraordinary sense of comfort throughout the day.

- For a more low-key effect, apply gloss on lipstick Stick Pure Color Gloss Stick shades Wild Plum or Cherry Ice.

- NEW Limited Edition Nail Polish Pure Color Nail Lacquer shades of Ultra Violet and Wild Orchid.

 Bronze Goddess-2010 by Estee Lauder

 Bronze Goddess-2010 by Estee Lauder

- NEW Limited Blush Bronze Goddess Exotic Bronzing Blush. Bronzer Silky texture mosaic style safari includes two shades - bronze and coral - to create the perfect skin, slightly touched by the sun. The product is suitable for any skin tone, gives a beautiful exotic tan and uniformly applied as independent means, and on top of bronzers.

- NEW limited gel bronzer for the face Bronze Goddess Bronzing Gel. Resistant ultra-light formula provides a smooth finish, a natural tan and tempting golden glow. Passed dermatological and ophthalmologic control has nekomedogennuyu formula. Bronzer Gel is suitable for all skin tones, making it silky and hydrated throughout the day.

 Bronze Goddess-2010 by Estee Lauder

The line also provided new favorites for 2010 from the collection of Bronze Goddess - matte bronzer Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer, radiant bronzer Bronze Goddess Soft Shimmer Bronzer, two-tone bronzer Bronze Goddess Soft Duo Bronzer and shimmering liquid bronzer Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer. With each of these great tools you can easily create the divine, natural tan, choosing a texture to your liking.

• Sun-Line Bronze Goddess Suncare Collection . The collection includes five sunscreen formulas with high-tech technology and enhanced protection against ultraviolet A and B groups, meets European standards in a ratio of 3: 1. The collection also includes five shimmering bronzer and luxurious moisturizing lotion that enhances the tan. Each product in the collection of Bronze Goddess Skincare Collection is represented by different textures. Formula means caring for the skin and makes it glow:

- Lotion for Face SPF 8 c (15, 30) Sun Indulgence Lotion SPF 8 (15, 30) - 1 000 rub.
- Body Lotion SPF 15 c (30) Sun Indulgence Lotion SPF 15 (30) - 1 100 rubles.
- Self-tanning lotion for face Golden Perfection Self-Tanning Lotion - 1 000 rubles.
- Tanning Spray for Body Golden Perfection Self-Tanning Spray - 1 000 rubles.
- Milk-body tanning Golden Perfection Self-Tanning Milk - 1 100 rubles.
- Shimmering Slimming body cream Radiant Perfection Firming Body Crème - 1 100 rubles.
- Moisturizer for the body after sun exposure Decadent Moisture Tan Enhancer for Body - 1 100 rubles.

• Bronze Goddess Collection fragrances . Underlying - golden amber, as well as possible transmit a pleasant feeling of sultry summer evening. This summer, the Bronze Goddess perfume come in solid textures. The fragrance is enclosed in a gold locket on a chain, which during the day will freshen morning perfume and become a fashion accessory. Now you can not part with their favorite fragrance on walks along the beach, traveling or even on an airplane. Bronze Goddess Collection of fragrances also includes:

- A refreshing perfumed spray Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche 100ml
- Oil Body Bronze Goddess Body Oil 100ml
- Radiant Body Lotion Bronze Goddess Luminous Body Lotion 200ml

 Bronze Goddess-2010 by Estee Lauder

Author: Julia Gnedina