Men spend more time in front of a mirror
 Ladies, move! So perhaps you can comment on new studies comparing the ratio of men and women to their own beauty and personal care.

According to new research and Allure magazines GQ, which involved 1,000 men and 1,000 women, men spend 7 minutes longer, giving himself in order before leaving.

If 10 years ago, 63 percent of men admitted that every day care about their appearance and take care of themselves, but now this figure is closer to 73%.

Another interesting fact is that men are spending more money on svredstva to care for themselves, and maybe soon, the figure for women and men equal. Now the ratio is as follows: in a month on beauty products in the departments of women spend 194 dollars, and men - 121 (data from the American audience magazines).

Men were also significantly expand its "portfolio of beauty." Previously we only talked about shaving, but now the men are called 11 names of products for the beauty that they need in everyday life. And it's only five points less than female requests.

Well, perhaps they will soon be quite a good understanding of the difference between peeling and waxing, and you can safely send his friend to the store for styling and moisturizing serum.

Author: Julia Gnedina