Serena Williams help to win a unique manicure
 Yes, this girl for a long time can be written in trendsetter, and not just on the court. One can think of her chocolate-colored clothes, it is still the subject of discussion of many, not only in semi, get-togethers. And now - its a fabulous manicure!

There were reports that Serena herself attended courses nail design. But it is unlikely to make myself a manicure. Now we see the fruits of her education! It seems that she has found the most fashionable and the most original designer nails.

These are nogtki Serena you could see last week, when she win their next victory at Wimbledon, which is being held in England. The idea of ​​her manicure - in imitation diamonds, they look very precious, just like Faberge eggs. A ring with stones emphasizes the benefit the whole image. It is interesting that the little finger is different patches of red (there shaped as letters S - the first letter of the name of tennis), then that's a precious manicure trend penetrated paint your nails in different colors.

Here are just a matter of how much can cost a manicure, if the diamonds are real, and what is done with stones when the nails grow?

 Serena Williams help to win a unique manicure

Author: Julia Gnedina