The fragrance for a true champion by Davidoff
 We have already announced this new product, and now for more information. Davidoff launches a new fragrance for men Champion for those who yearn for new victories and confident in his abilities. Davidoff Champion can be expected in August 2010.

The new fragrance reflects the harmony of physical strength, mental and spiritual, but in this - a real victory, according to the creators of flavor.

What is the portrait of a true champion, according to Davidoff? That man, of course, is friends with the sport, but not only success in the sport are important to him. Success and victory he needed every day, and he receives them. He wants to be first and best in everything. That he - the modern champion. Such is the nature of the new male odor Champion.

Packing flavor in the form of the male attributes - dumbbells, once again underlines the sportiness of smell, as well as some self-irony and physical strength of its owner.

 The fragrance for a true champion by Davidoff

Perfume offers top-end notes of citrus - lemon and bergamot freshness set special flavor. While the "heart" emphasizes masculine notes of galbanum and sage. Base notes carry hints of cedar and oak moss. Perfume new fragrance - Aurelien Guichard.

The face of the new fragrance - Aitor Mateo, photographer - William Davidson, director of commercials - Sean Ellis.

 The fragrance for a true champion by Davidoff

The fragrance will be released in the following products:
- 50 ml EDT,
- 90 ml EDT,
- After Shave Splash,
- After Shave Balm,
- Hair and Body Shampoo,
- Deodorant stick.

Author: Julia Gnedina