Why creams with AHA-acids are so expensive?
 AHA-acids, or alpha-hydro acid (alfa hydroxy acid), in creams help exfoliate the dead cells, which leads to better absorption of nutritional ingredients agent. These acids are mostly acidic fruits such as grapefruit and lemon. So maybe it makes sense to replace the cream with AHA-acids on the living fruit, thus saving a few hundred rubles?

But do not rush to change the creams on the living fruit. The fact that the fruit does not necessarily contain exactly one set of acids which can be obtained from cream, and they do not contain these acids in sufficient quantities.

To the cream had good peeling properties, the concentration therein of fruit acid should be sufficiently high. It may also contain an extract of grapefruit, for example, but this does not mean that the extract cream substitute.

High concentrations of AHA-acids lead to high product cost. If beta-Hydro acid (salicylic acid, for example) is added to the value of the order of ten percent, then the presence of AHA-acids added to the value of all 30 percent!

It affects the cost of funds and a broad advertising, packaging, brand image. All this leads to a high cost of the final product.

Many experts still lead such an argument. Chemical peels in salons - a procedure not the cheapest, and cream with AHA-acids - this is partly the same chemical peels, and therefore have to pay for it a lot.

Author: Julia Gnedina