Comfort and moisturizing after shave gel Gillette Series
 Millions of men around the world shave daily before the start of the working day. Each of them dreams of such facilities that will make comfortable shave, leaving only a feeling of freshness, not irritation and dry skin.

The Gillette Company has identified a direct link between how men and looks at how it is successful. Clean-shaven and stylish looking man always makes a good impression on others. And the appearance of the men invariably linked with the way he feels. Therefore, comfort and freshness of the skin after shaving give the man confidence, cheerfulness and good mood for the whole day.

Gillette, being an expert in the care of men's skin, offering only the best men shaving. New gel aftershave, which is part of the collection of funds for the care of men's skin Gillette Series Pleasantly cools freshly shaven skin and gives it an incredible feeling of freshness. It relieves the skin from irritation and fills it with life-giving moisture, protecting against dryness throughout the day. The gel has a light and non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and is just the perfect tool to finish shaving comfort. After Shave Gel Gillette Series   suitable for everyday use, even for sensitive skin. The series Gillette Series   also included after shave balm with aloe vera, moisturizing cream and gel for washing.

"During shaving damaged top layer of skin, which is responsible for the natural moisture, - explains Christine Vanosthёyze, senior research consultant Gillette. - If you do not restore the natural balance of moisture, the damage, skin irritation and feeling of dryness are inevitable. The new gel after shaving Gillette Series   with a light texture quickly helps restore moisture balance, pleasantly cooling it and leaving a feeling of freshness. The result is a moisturized, healthy skin. "

After Shave Gel Gillette Series   available for sale in all stores of the country since February 2009.

 Comfort and moisturizing after shave gel Gillette Series
 Comments dermatologist, MD Olga Zabnenkova, expert Gillette:

What are the main characteristics and problems of men's skin?
Men's skin is more dense, with a high content of collagen - thus more resistant to external damaging factors are less affected by the aging process. Also, the problem of the appearance of age spots in men is irrelevant, they only appear when the abuse tan, aged 60 years. This facial skin in men liberally covered with stiff hairs and wrong choice of razors and shaving inevitable microdamages skin. In addition, the men's skin contains a large number of sebaceous glands, making conspicuous pores, and also leads to increased fat and inflammation.

Why should a man use skincare special tools? Is women's cosmetics for men?
The structure of the skin in men is different from women's: it is denser, more prone to fat content, often inflamed, but age-related changes occur much later. Use feminine care products for the skin, in principle, possible, but usually they are more saturated oils than necessary male skin, and may create a feeling of stickiness. Yes, and fragrances they are not men.

It is believed that women's skin needs extra care - because of the use of decorative cosmetics her condition may deteriorate. And why did the man need a face cream?
Cosmetics - a necessary skin protection and care. After going outside in the cold, you put on a coat and gloves, and the thin skin of the face - is completely unprotected. In the summer, under the hot sun you put on a cap, protecting the head and skin of the face mercilessly burned in ultraviolet rays, if it is not protected by cosmetics.

Do you need a man to choose the means for skin care based on age? Skin type? The structures of facial hair? Time of year?
Of course yes. Just as in the women's cosmetics, there are all these gradations, and all cosmetic lines for men are taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin. After the summer the main problem - excessive oiliness of the skin, and in the cold - dryness and irritation. The problem of selection of anti-age cosmetics for men stands up much later than women, usually after age 40, but it is, in practice, is no less relevant for complex care.

What is comprehensive care for face and how this concept applies to men?
Comprehensive care involves the presence of several cosmetic products, each of which helps to solve specific problems. It means after shaving will not help get rid of excess fat, not suitable to mitigate the wrinkles under the eyes and even more can not be used to cleanse the skin.

Do I need a special approach for the care of sensitive skin in men?
Yes, definitely, since the degree of damage to men's skin is much higher than that of women. Firstly, because of the neglect of the morning skin care, and inability to use decorative cosmetics, which not only evens out the skin, but also protects it from the adverse effects of the environment of the metropolis. Secondly, due to shaving.

How shaving effect on the state skin?
Shaving is not the best way affects the condition of the skin because after cutting the hair shaft will inevitably remove the top protective layer of skin, exposing the layer of living cells. That is what is the cause of discomfort, the skin becomes sensitive and irritated.

What tools can provide a better and more comfortable shave?
1) Modern quality razor (eg, Gillette Fusion Power ) - It is important to regularly change the cartridge blades to shave remained comfortable.
2) Moisturizer, prepares the skin for shaving (gel cleanser Gillette Series ). With a good level of hydration increases the shaving performance and the degree of damage to the skin is greatly reduced. This is due to the fact that the hair shaft, saturated with water, it is easier to shave than dry. Hydration of the epidermis (top layer of skin), swollen, keeps the hair, preventing it from slipping out from under the razor, which promotes a more efficient shave.
3) Gel shaving razor glide allowing to increase and thus reduce the discomfort. For example, shaving gel Gillette Series   30% improved razor glide compared with foam.
4) A soothing, regenerating, revitalizing balm, lotion or gel aftershave. Depending on personal preference and skin type, I recommend using aftershave Gillette Series   - Balm with Aloe Vera, a light moisturizer or cooling gel.

What he needs men's skin after shaving?
In recovery. Moreover, the cooling and refreshing effect to quickly reduce the severity of irritation after shave. For example, gel shaving Gillette Series Pleasantly cools the skin, giving a feeling of freshness. The gel helps relieve irritation and moisturizes the skin. It's nice that the gel has a light and non-greasy texture, absorbs quickly - this is the right tool to complete the shaving comfort.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila