Manicure from both the salon at home
 Yves Rocher can be very useful pleases its novelty: Device for manicure and pedicure. Now you can safely go on vacation without worrying "but what I do without your favorite salon." After all, the new compact and attractive instrument capable of making salon treatment at home.

The device has five tips, that can help you achieve an absolutely perfect result and hands, and legs:
1. nozzle to remove the cuticle.
2. Sapphire cone for shaping nails and treating nail short.
3. Felt polishing head for smoothing and polishing the surface of the tip of the nail.
4. Fine-grained disc for shaping and polishing nails long.
5. Coarse drive for skin stop that effectively removes calluses and rough skin.

Stars take with them on holiday for personal beauticians, manicurists, cooks, and we are now also available to take a master of the interior in the form of this wonderful priborchiki. And the price of this indispensable things -only 450 rubles!

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina