New from Timotei: new line for men "Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil"
 Let your hair will be as good as you after tea cups cool on a hot day. The formula with mint and tea tree oil helps to remove dandruff, prevents its reappearance and gives the hair feeling clean and fresh. Among the new series of products - shampoo (400 ml and 250 ml) and shower gel.

Mint - a well-known ingredient in cosmetics. The whole world appreciate its unbeatable refreshing properties. Peppermint relieves skin irritation, has pronounced antiseptic properties. Due to its aromatic properties of mint is also used in aromatherapy. As part of the male means is simply irreplaceable mint, male skin is very necessary sewn from irritation and refreshing effect.

Tea tree oil has the strongest regenerating effect, and has excellent safety features.

Being in a pair of these ingredients, they made special protection and care that are necessary demanding male skin and hair.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina