The new caring lip pencils Phyto-Lèvres Gloss by Sisley
 Ends century decorative cosmetics, which is just beautiful. Now we need to take care of and protect the product, so it is a modern woman in choosing any decorative funds. Brand Sisley offers new pencils Phyto-Lèvres Gloss with special formula and four natural colors.

Four fruit color palette offers pencils: iced tea, pink sorbet, mango ice, paradise grapes. These pens not only outline lips and give volume and smoothness of the skin of lips.

Vegetable oils to provide a memorable part of the application, an aqueous extract of aloe vera moisturizes, full of vegetable protein formula penetrates deep into the epidermis and promotes its restoration.

Apply a pencil from the center to the edges of the contour of the lips, then lightly paint the lips, shading border. You can start to finish gloss or lipstick, but can be used as independent pencils and make-up.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina