№7 Total Renewal: Spring Update
 The British company Boots and exclusive representative of the company in the Russian drugstore chain 36, 6 represents a novelty - a means for microdermabrasion treatments at home - number 7 Total Renewal.

Peeling contains micro-granules of alumina, which is used in the practice for deep cleansing of the skin, dermatologists and cosmetologists. However, scientists of Boots, dealing with skin problems, developed a means by which you can get the same results at home without the help of professionals.

With the beginning of spring everything is transformed. Hurried streams washed streets, the spring breeze gently blowing the skin, and there on the branches of young leaves. Willy-nilly, I want to match the general mood and radically transformed. Especially for the spring season Boots launches new tool in a series of №7 - peeling №7 Total Renewal, which is easy to implement salon treatment - microdermabrasion - at home alone. The microcrystals of aluminum oxide, removes dead cells from the skin, softening and renewing it. In addition, exfoliation improves the appearance of oily skin prone to inflammation, as well as fighting against the appearance of age spots. After the first application the skin looks healthier and more radiant, and after 4 treatments reduced surface wrinkles and evens skin tone. To achieve visible results recommended remedy twice a week.

Company Boots - a leading manufacturer of beauty products in the UK, which gives beauty and health of millions of women Albion for over 150 years. The company constantly monitors the slightest changes in the world of cosmetics, reacts quickly to new trends and technologies, and the quality of the company's products support the testing, both within the company and with the assistance of independent experts. Mark BOOTS № 7 is the number one brand among the cosmetics and skin care products in the UK. In the UK one in three women have at least one means of line № 7. Brand BOOTS № 7 is a bestseller since its appearance in the sale, and it is one of the most popular brands in the UK.