RoC: updated formula of youth
 By the onset of spring the French brand of premium pharmaceutical cosmetics RoC has produced an amazing new product that will be a nice gift for all women who want to permanently preserve the beauty and youth - dramatically improved range of products for the face Retin-Ox.

The updated range of Retin-Ox has become a real embodiment of 15 years of hard work, research laboratories RoC and 14 patents obtained mark on Retinol - the basis of this anti-aging palette. This update includes a range of unique formula of pure Retinol in its most efficient and safe manner which more actively stimulates the production of collagen, improves skin tone and reduces the number of wrinkles. Anti-aging complex THPE, is included in the scheme, it will further strengthen the effectiveness of retinol, and the use of technology Helioplex amplifiers and UV-filters enable the updated scheme better protect the skin from exposure to sunlight. With the new skin soothing ingredients, all products in the range are suitable for the care of even very sensitive skin.

Intensive night cream anti-wrinkle care   aminoaktivny contains complex that provides the skin an additional anti-inflammatory effect and improves skin elasticity.

Intensive moisturizing day cream anti-wrinkle care with SPF15   contains not only sunscreens and Vitamin E, however maximally protects the skin from external aggressions.

Intensive nourishing cream-wrinkle care with SPF15 for dry skin
  increase the tone of even the most sensitive and delicate skin, helping it to become more elastic and young.

 RoC: updated formula of youth
 Intensive care cream anti-wrinkle eye contour   gently cares for the most delicate and vulnerable areas of skin that need special attention, since it is on them with little care imprinted the first signs of aging.

With regular use of funds of the anti-aging range smoothed even deep wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks and "crow's feet" around the eyes, preventing the appearance of wrinkles, skin back to 10 years ago and the face looks visibly younger.