Maybelline New York presents: NEW!
 The line of nail care products Salon Manicure!

Your nails need help? Do you want them to always be healthy and well-groomed? Try SALON MANICURE from MAYBELLINE New York!

SALON MANICURE - is a range of means for nail care:
All for beauty treatment and care.

 Maybelline New York presents: NEW!
 Strengthener with calcium   for weak and brittle nails

The structure of the unique formula includes fluorine and calcium, which deeply nourish the nails and strengthen their structure.

Result: day after day, after a few applications, nails become stronger and robust, resistant to breakage.

 Maybelline New York presents: NEW!
 Concentrate growth for short nails   with extracts of ginseng and green tea

The concentrate is enriched with a cocktail on the basis of extracts of ginseng and green tea. With regular application improves the natural growth of nails, strengthens and protects them.

The structure of the nail is reduced, they become considerably longer and stronger.

 Maybelline New York presents: NEW!
 Regenerating nail-base

A member of its nutri-keratin formula nourishes and moisturizes the nails, strengthening them.

The nails regain their integrity, strength and density.

 Maybelline New York presents: NEW!
 Fixing of nail polish

Unique quick-drying formula with nutri-keratin prevents flaking varnish prolongs its durability and adds ultra-shine.

Suitable for all types of nails.

 Maybelline New York presents: NEW!
 Moisturizing Emulsion

The exclusive formula of the emulsion specifically designed for the comprehensive care of the cuticle. After applying the softened cuticles can be easily removed, and the contour of the nail becomes clearer.

It contains aloe vera and jojoba oil for long-lasting hydration.

With the renewed line of care products Nail SALON MANICURE from Maybelline New York you manicurist, and your nails well protected!