New from GARNIER
 The hair shine with a new force with a new program to care for colored and Highlighted Hair lasting color.

You have colored or streaked hair? Well, in that case you do not know firsthand how difficult it is to maintain a bright and intense color of healthy hair. The main reason for the loss of color - leaching of water and burning in the sun. New Fruktis lasting color - the perfect solution to this problem.

Care program for colored and streaked hair lasting color - is to protect color-treated or Highlighted Hair from the effects of sun and water, strengthening the hair and slowing the process of premature aging.

The new formula with the antioxidant vitamin E and enhanced active fruit concentrate!

Part of the new formula of antioxidant vitamin E protects   color painted and Highlighted Hair from the effects of sun and water Strengthening the hair and slow down the process premature aging .

Reinforced active fruit concentrate strengthens hair from the inside and the outside acts, protecting the luster and shine of color:

• of fructose, glucose, and vitamins B3 and B6   nourish   hair roots;

• AHA fruit strengthen   hair from the inside;

• reducing lipids increase Def IUT of hair external influences .

New Fruktis lasting color - a complete care program for colored and streaked hair

An integrated approach to hair care   It allows to achieve the best results.

Therefore, in the range of Fruktis lasting color include:

• Shampoo 250 ml, 400 ml of shampoo, conditioner, rinse, firming mask and a light cream-care without rinsing.

• shampoo and conditioner for your hair care, keeping their color.

• Firming Mask intensive care for damaged hair, prolonging the color saturation.

• Cream-care without rinsing every day taking care of maintaining the shine and brightness of hair in between coloring.

Quality hair care does not mean a huge amount of time. To give your hair the fun of firming mask or cream-care Fruktis rather just a couple of minutes !

Available from March 2007