Bicycle better fitness
 This is the conclusion some researchers the problem of excess weight, and power of many American cities are ready to support this idea is quite scientific.

The problem of excess weight and all the ensuing unpleasant tion is still acute for America and Americans. Her decision even named one of the strategic objectives at the national level, along with the problems of the economic downturn and foreign policy issues. This involved a very large number of research institutes and research groups.

And one of the latest research on this subject can be beneficial not only to America. Observers found that in cities where there are bicycle paths and parking facilities for cyclists track where the bike is a popular means of transportation, there are practically no people with obesity and overweight. It turns out there where people from childhood to ride bikes a lot, the situation with their weight, even better than in cities with well-developed and the structure of available fitness clubs. That is why the mayors of several cities of the United States expressed a desire to create conditions for cyclists, rather than invest in costly construction of modern fitness facilities.

Maybe that's why the Europeans are not so concerned about the problem of obesity, as in European cities bicycle has long been "held in high esteem."

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina