Calluses and corns: how to get rid of them?
 Anything so does not spoil the beautiful and well-groomed female legs as roughness, cracks and calluses. It would seem a little trouble, but if you do not start in a timely manner to get rid of them, you run the risk of conventional corn to grow into serzno problem. As there are corns and calluses, as well as how to deal with them will tell Estheticians Beauty Club.

Calluses, corns, do not call as soon appeared on the hands and feet rough skin. But the right name for this phenomenon - callus.

Callus   - This is the area of ​​skin roughness occurring on the legs from constant friction, wear tight uncomfortable shoes; on hand - from physical work. Callosity surface is smooth or rough, at least - covered with cracks. Painting of yellow-brown, flat or convex shape. Sensitivity callosity reduced pain appear only when pressed, or inflammation occurs deep cracks.

Callus   - In everyday life can be divided into calluses and corns.
  Corns is roughened skin with fuzzy outlines. It can be painful and persist for years.

Corn   - A limited roughness of the skin. It may be wet or dry.

Corns (The name speaks for itself) can be formed when the body weight is properly distributed on the sole: when wearing high heels, corns are formed under the fingers, and when wearing shoes without heels - on the heels and the outer edge of the foot due to wearing tight shoes, or due to the developing flatfoot. Corns do not affect the deeper layers of the skin, you can deal with them at home.

Corns occur after rubbed sore. Then, at this point, there is a water blister - the so-called wet corn. With a strong fray in blister seeping blood. These blisters burst and very painful, but also threaten the infection, if the friction they are not eliminated. The reason can be rubbed sore not only narrow, uncomfortable tight shoes, but shoes are too large, in which the leg moves freely, and high-heeled shoes, tight stockings and socks. In addition, the causes of corns can be: a common disease, metabolic disorders or vitamin deficiencies, inadequate skin care legs, poor personal hygiene. Dry corn formed with prolonged rubbing. They can affect the deeper tissues of the foot, forming rod, or the root of corn, which is not so easy to remove. When walking, it causes severe pain.

In addition, the risk for the development of corns are congenital deformities of the leg bones, nervous diseases that affect the feet, rheumatoid arthritis and foot injury (fractures). Corns often appear at the dancers.

Corns can be very painful. Under calluses can form bubbles and boils. Calluses can occur at any age. Most often, they are produced in the most delicate and painful places, such as between the toes.

But, on the other hand, corn is a natural protective education. This shell plays a useful role. People in some occupations are constantly corn. These corn without causing any trouble to his master, save him from more serious injuries.

 Calluses and corns: how to get rid of them?
Very often, the presence of corns for a long time talking about the developing flatfoot. In this case, need to consult a podiatrist. If flat feet found - the doctor prescribe treatment, and elimination of the underlying disease corns disappear.

Treating corns and calluses need to start with shoes. Often we choose a beautiful and comfortable shoes are not. In this case, you will have to choose in favor of the second. If you have already formed corns, then try to eliminate them at home to help special features:

- Tool for removing corns with the smell of orange Be Natural Callus Eliminator from Pro Linc;
- Foot scrub with sugar crystals from OPI OPI;
- Pearl Peeling feet from Gehwol;
- Pumice for rough skin on Gehwol;
- Liquid "Fluid" Gevol from Gehwol.

and tools for pedicure :
- Wooden grater for a pedicure PF-934-W from Metzger
- Scraper PZ-892-D as Metzger
- Set Beauty Center 5 in 1 Beauty Center from Lanaform
- Massage footbath VT-1389 Spatherapy by Vitek.

After pedicure be sure to moisturize the skin :
- Revitalizing foot cream from Balancing Foot Cream Declare;
- Cream "Hydro-Balance" by Gevol Gehwol;
- Cream with lemon extract of Beauty Image;
- Foot Balm Orange from Attirance.

 Calluses and corns: how to get rid of them?
 A good moisturizing, softening effect gives paraffin :
- Cream - paraffin cold Flower of Beauty Image;
- Tonic for paraffin from Beauty Image;
-Komplekt For paraffin away from Beauty Image.

In the summer, the processing will need to stop more frequently than in winter. In no case can not run the skin of feet, so as to treat cracks on the soles harder than themselves calluses and corns.

Prevention is calluses and corns :
- The correct selection of shoe
- Use of special linings: pad on the little finger of G of Gehwol;
- Pillows: pillow under your fingers G of Gehwol;
-korrektorov: Gel corrector between fingers from Gehwol.

Author: Hope Bolotnikova