Chocolate therapy for the guests of the French capital.
 You are familiar with kakaoterapiey? I - no. Only recently learned about this new product in Paris, in Montparnasse.

A stone's throw from the station Montparnasse, Hotel Bleu Marine offers its customers Opal space to relax and give yourself the form of a sauna, fitness room and in the offices for the care and massage.

In the space, painted in the blue color of the southern seas, you are offered 14 procedures, named after precious stones, to illustrate the concept: "your valuable items."

There is offered new Chocopaline - facial treatment, which puts customers in glazed chocolate childhood memories.

45 minutes relaxing modeling gommazha and imbues care - all in the evaporated milk chocolate. Price: 75 euros.

For information call: 01 56 54 84 00.
Bleu Marine Hotel, 40 rue du Cdt Mouchotte, 75014 Paris.