NEW: Daily Scrub Clean & Clear by black dots in the new design!
 New Daily Scrub Clean & Clear® of black dots: the result is available after the first application! Do not let the black points to spoil your mood and change for the better with the Clean & Clear! The more that is not far off the holidays and meeting up with old friends, to whom I want to especially look good.

New Daily Scrub Clean & Clear by black dots allows to achieve noticeable results after the first washing. The number of black dots decreases immediately!

• Unique Quick Break-up complex is part of the scrub, just after the first washing starts fighting with black dots.

• The exfoliating micro-granules remove dead cells instantly, freeing the pores and preventing the emergence of new blackheads.

• Mild formula with soothing ingredients does not irritate the skin and allows you to use a scrub every day.

Daily Scrub of blackheads is the first product in a line of Clean & Clear, which is available in an updated stylish package. Its bright color and modern design will inspire you to be optimistic in the morning.

The recommended retail price - 170 rubles.
New on sale in mid-September.

Author: Julia Gnedina