Bee, bee gold ... Just the facts!
 Propolis is known not only anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. This unique substance produced by bees, and effectively in the fight against bacteria that cause tooth decay because of its activity it leaves pathogenic microflora no chance of survival, completely depriving it of the nutrient medium.

Propolis improves blood circulation and stimulates the regeneration of tissues. This amazing product is rich in amino acids, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iron and other trace elements necessary to maintain health.

Therefore, the forces of scientists in St. Petersburg appeared Therapeutic and prophylactic Balsam "Albadent - propolis" for sensitive gums . This product is not only disinfects and pleasantly refreshes the mouth, it will help to quickly deal with inflammation of the gums and mucous membrane, reduce bleeding, relieve pain and speed healing of micro traumas. In a team with propolis "work" recognized anti-inflammatory and styptic - sage extract   and a strong antibacterial agent that reduces the formation of plaque Triclosan .

 Bee, bee gold ... Just the facts!

Manufacturer of branded products Albadent® - LLC "Chemical and biological association with the Run" VITA ", St. Petersburg. Products Albadent® received awards competition "Made in St. Petersburg", 2009 and the contest "Made in Russia", 2009. The action of therapeutic and prophylactic products is confirmed by clinical and laboratory tests in the City center of periodontal "PAX" at the St. Petersburg State Medical University. Acad. IP Pavlova. The unique composition and affordable, medical and hygiene products "Albadent» ® for oral care is recommended as a preventive tool, in the period of remission and periods of acute illness as part of a combination therapy.

Author: Julia Gnedina