New! Regenerating Day Cream SPF of 15 from Lumene
 Lumene updates one of the most popular series - Vitamin C +. The new and improved series of care products for face and decollete Lumene Vitamin C + contains nectar and seed oil Arctic cloudberry, providing natural light and detoxification for your skin. Products designed for women of 25 years, for all skin types. Meet the new day cream of the new series.

Today, many consumers prefer products that do not contain parabens. New RESTORING DAY CREAM SPF of 15 series of Vitamin C + now without parabens, does not have as part of synthetic dyes. The cream contains over 80% natural ingredients, has a new fresh scent.

Refreshing cream makes your skin radiant and at the same time protects it from harmful sun rays. It provides optimum protection against UVA / UVB-sunlight. Arctic cloudberry seed oil containing natural antioxidants, strengthens the skin and protects it from both external and internal stressors. Nectar has cloudberry remove toxins and helps the skin look radiant.

Impact: Protect your skin from harmful sun rays, energizes, brightens and provides the best protection against the first signs of aging.

 New! Regenerating Day Cream SPF of 15 from Lumene

The active ingredients of the cream:

- Arctic cloudberry seed oil, rich in natural antioxidants, strengthens and protects the skin by preventing the appearance of the first signs of aging.

- Nectar Arctic cloudberry contains phenolic components: phenolic acids, flavonoids, and proanthocyanidins ellagitanin, they are powerful antioxidants that protect the skin against age-related changes.

Apply every morning to cleansed face and neck.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina