16-19 October: International exhibition and sale of "World Hobby 2014"
 International Project "WORLD OF HOBBIES 2014" will present:
• IV exhibition of paper art "BUMPROM"
• III Festival of colored plastic "Rainbow"
• Thematic Section of artistic creativity "artist's studio" and a special project "Workshop of the young artist"

The most interesting thing in the exhibition:

• Craft Premier company in the exhibition "HOBBY WORLD-2014" will hold free training on working with the materials. Training Programs:
"Gilding Decoupage in from classic technologies to innovation"
  "Express decoupage: Transfers and stencils CADENCE»

• Workshops "Ebru on the fabric" of the project "Ebru-art"

• The club "Three thimble" from Voronezh is the direction of the paper will present art as papertol. Papertol - a technique of manual cutting and creation of volumetric, three-dimensional images of the paper. To work with her need scissors and volume double sided tape. Only two or three of simple techniques - and a picture of your hands come to life, turns into a corner of the mysterious miniature world! Complete this profound transformation of volumetric frame (like the one that is suitable for the decoration of beadwork or icon). It will be a kind of window through which you can admire your creation, and believe me, this occupation will not get bored.

 16-19 October: International exhibition and sale of "World Hobby 2014"

• Presentation "Polymorphus" - thermoplastic for modeling and simulation. Polymorphus unique in that it reaches a plastic state is only at 65 degrees Celsius. Through this it is possible to create from plastic products at home without any additional means, that is, right-handed!

• Academy of Needlework "FOM Ewart School Larissa Radlevich hold training workshops and courses for the production of color, composition, interior objects, household items, decorative accessories and jewelry made from EVA material FOM FOAMIRAN.

• More than 50 workshops and master show.

• II Scientific-practical conference.

• Fairgrounds sector present: kits, materials and tools for hobby and creativity, and finished goods: jewelry, accessories, dolls, home furnishings, dolls, souvenirs and much more.

 16-19 October: International exhibition and sale of "World Hobby 2014"
  16-19 October: International exhibition and sale of "World Hobby 2014"

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We see you at our exhibition 16 to 19 October in the "Amber Plaza" ul.Krasnoproletarskaya d.36 (Art. M. Novoslobodskaya, Dostoevsky)

Opening hours:

October 16 from 14.00 to 19.00
17, 18 October from 11.00 to 19.00
October 19 from 11.00 to 17.00

Organizer: Exhibition company "ANTARES EXPO"

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova