Aromas of Bieber and Taylor Swift are not popular
 Surprisingly, none of the fans of Justin Bieber does not want to smell the scent of his idol. But if you think that the reason for the Bieber, it is not so.

Other fragrances by celebrities also lose income. Another example - the new smells from Taylor Swift. This young singer is very popular, she has several music awards, constant sold out concerts, but earnings to fall flavors. This is reported by marketers Elizabeth Arden, the brand, which produces perfume editions of the two stars.

Quarterly sales decreased by 28, 4%, and it is the biggest drop in a decade. According to The Guardian, the net loss amounted to Elizabeth Arden Inc 155, 9 million dollars. Forecasts for the next 6 months as disappointing. Elizabeth Arden Inc says that stocks decreased by 20% (from 19, 61 dollars to 15, 4), and this is also a very large drop in the market of premium cosmetics.

As for the fragrance of Justin Bieber, he has only one men's fragrance, the other publications such as Girlfriend, Someday, Next Girlfriend. Taylor Swift several women's magazines.

Author: Julia Gnedina