Breakthrough NIVEA deodorants in the category: new dispenser!
 The global deodorants restart NIVEA MEN acquired a new, more courageous and modern look! The new format allows for everything you need accurate and swift: improved packaging design be removable cover, precise spraying and even stylish sound design.

Conventional spray format has wide spray angle, respectively, and the surface of the deodorant spray is sufficiently large. Because of this, a significant percentage of the effective ingredient is dissolved in the air or reaches the other areas of the skin, rather than concentrating only on the armpit. To solve this problem, we developed a new format of the nebulizer! Now NIVEA MEN deodorant spray angle has been reduced from 19, 5% to 17% . It is through this zone to underarms misses maximum number of active components, increasing the efficiency of use of deodorant!

 Breakthrough NIVEA deodorants in the category: new dispenser!


Now up to 60% more active ingredients reach the goals and provide the most effective protection against perspiration and odor for 48 hours! More than 85% of consumers said that "spray has become more effective."

Cost deodorant spray "Extreme freshness" with a new spray angle - about 122 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova