Contest sets «L'ete Indien» on
 How many people are waiting for the onset of autumn? Cold wind, rain; Bad weather and the need to remove the summer clothes, replacing them with more suitable jackets, sweaters and scarves. But ahead - not just sad to go, but, in fact, the charm of the eyes - the colors of nature, which are inherent in a fall - ocher, purple, especially the color green, and the coming "Indian Summer" is the best suited to dress up in boho- style - layering clothing is only a plus. Draft and sponsors, Marina aka Maby, copyright designer jewelry in the style of boho and head of the studio Tetstudio * invite you to take part in a unique competition sets «L'ete Indien», and win an exclusive set of copyright jewelry made especially for this marina competition.

* Tetstudio - this design studio, which, in addition to the manufacture of handmade jewelry, develops packaging design, web sites, printing, as well as the creation of collectible souvenirs. It was founded in 2006, a married couple, and, to date, in the creation of projects have worked many freelancers. Some stayed, while others continued on his way. At the moment it consists of Marina (designer hendmeyker) and Nicholas (creative director, designer, sculptor) and Natalia (illustrator, graphic designer) and Ivan (Manager of Web projects).

To participate in the competition must be in the period from 22 August 2014 to 17 September 2014, published in the competitive photo album «L'ete Indien» Set (image) created with any program or image editor, necessarily including jewelry, presented as a prize.

Author of the best sets, selected on the basis of the voting members, become the owner of the copyright headset ornaments in the style of boho-Tetstudio.

 Contest sets «L ete Indien» on

Wiring and brush - 100% Linen
Beads - Czech glass beads and amber + one bead on the suspension - Czech glass
Die - wood, decoupage technique
Fittings - Brass

Member, whose administration is set to celebrate the project, will receive a beautiful set of hair care and styling Pantene Expert.

 Contest sets «L ete Indien» on

Seth, who noted the sponsor of the contest, Maby, will bring its author a set of Pantene, consisting of shampoo, balm-conditioner and mask.

 Contest sets «L ete Indien» on

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Author: Anna Shustrova