Lena Lenina: How to lose weight by the sea
 Holidays continues, and even some Europeans begin. And for many - the sea. Before the start of summer vacations in the binding site, all self-respecting lady and Mademoiselle, not to mention the lady, tried to lose weight to look amazing in a bathing suit. And then, already in place, attacked the "all inclusive", ice cream, exotic fruits and other high-calorie Vacation overeating, happily forgetting about diet. A harmful relax - all previous efforts wasted.

But you can continue to stroynet and on the beach. Moreover, the sea and sand - it's a great fitness room outdoors. Exercises here can not only lose weight, but also to form a beautiful body, to train the muscles and improve the body's metabolism, absorbed the beneficial minerals from sea water and inhaling the healing sea air. Writer Lena Lenina at summer moved from Paris to the sea with the whole family. Leading a healthy and sporty lifestyle and on vacation, she shared with us in a Leninist revolutionary system of physical exercises on the beach.

Lena Lenina:   "The first recommended physical exercise - walking on the sand. It perfectly burn at least 300 calories per hour. Walk on the sand and not so easy as it seems. This requires increased effort involves more muscle and, consequently, increases the calorie consumption. But running across the sand like a heavier version of this exercise helps to burn some 500 calories per hour. Not to mention the ability to quickly acquire the perfect shape legs.

Swimming in cold water - also a great way to lose weight and lose 100 calories per one entry into the water at a temperature of 24C. And all because the body of all the forces trying to keep his usual temperature of 36 6C. Swim nice, but if the water is still cool and helpful for slimming the body.

Walking in the water - the next exercise - burns 350 calories per hour. Water requires a physical address is 15 times more powerful than regular walking. Force yourself to work, it is necessary the body, not to mention the mass of useful elements, salts and minerals, which penetrate into our body with a long stay in the useful sea or ocean water. Yes, and a tan at the water surface can be more evenly and faster.

 Lena Lenina: How to lose weight by the sea

The next exercise - a ball game with a friend in the water - burns 295 calories per hour. Run the ball on the sand in the water, overcoming the resistance of the water, this triple load.

Another fun way to bring in excellent physical condition of the body - fashionable canoeing and kayaking. Burns 500 calories per hour. It's a great way and make the boat trip along the coast, and pump up your abs, back and arms at the same time.

Let me remind you of a familiar exercise, all that had to be put first on the list - swimming in the water. A great way to burn up to 400 calories per hour. Bathe and wallow in the water - it's great, but really swim - much healthier and muscles. Remember, the most beautiful figure among athletes still swimmers.

The game of badminton on the beach or any other ball game racket burns 400 calories per hour. This is understandable, because you have to run, jump for the ball or flounce from side to side, pulling his hands and throw in the ball.

A great way to combine meaningful activity, exercise competitive spirit, willpower and major muscle groups. Three in one.

Beach Volley or beach volleyball not only helps to make new friends, but also to burn 500 calories an hour. This is particularly useful to pump up the legs. Do not forget only for the return home to do a spa package for legs and pedicure Manicure Network Studios Lena Lenina, because nothing like this does not spoil the beauty of nails as the sand.

Skiing with the family on a catamaran useful in educational, instructional and physical sense. Burns 240 calories per hour. And if the middle of the road, and even dive into the cold water, you can greatly increase the calories.

 Lena Lenina: How to lose weight by the sea

A more complex exercise, for more experienced athletes - water skiing - can use up 400 calories per hour. And to heighten the effect, I propose to do the evening before bedtime wrap Body Sculptor by Lundenilona - burns calories not immediately, and excess fat in the cells. Combining wrap with sea air and water can quickly achieve incredible results. This biocomplex with seaweed extract reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat, improves blood circulation and lymph flow peripheral. Restores the protective and metabolic functions of the skin, strengthens the connective tissue skeleton of the skin, smoothes and firms the tissue.

Exciting diving helps not only to discover the beautiful underwater world of the sea or ocean flora and fauna, but also to burn 420 calories an hour.

Surfing burns at least 200 calories per hour. This sport allows you to work in almost all groups of muscles and makes the opposite sex admire those who have mastered it skillfully.

Build castles with the kids in the sand too useful exercise that helps to burn 100 calories an hour. And you lose weight, and the kids are busy.

Read a new novel Lena Lenina sitting on the sand - not only the training of muscles of the brain, but also the ability to throw a passive 70 calories per hour. And buy a bunch of useful tips though. To enhance the effect, you can rhythmically retract the stomach, shaking news.

And the most pleasant exercise - sleep on the beach - burns 40 calories per hour. The main thing is not to burn during this exercise, do it in the shade of an umbrella! ".

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova