Lena Lenina on cosmetics for babies
 If you are flying to the sea with the child, do not forget to collect it and makeup. Glamorous writer and caring mother Lena Lenina shares his secrets of children's cosmetics.

Lena Lenina, "Let the child and not so much cosmetic as his mother, but its contents should be treated more carefully, because the wrong-chosen cosmetics for the baby can cause serious harm. Leather baby requires more hydration, nutrition, but cleaning should be very soft. The blood supply to the skin of infants is high, which causes rapid stimulation and various allergic reactions. A baby's skin has an increased ability to absorb everything that is put on it, so the health and comfort of the baby depends on correctly matched the first cosmetics. The basis used in cosmetics baby should be five elements: cream, shampoo, towels, soap and oil.

Well, if my mother would enjoy the same children's cosmetics and soap as thoroughly washing off makeup, even for adults, the skin still remains the smallest particles, which can cause allergies have a baby.


Cream for Kids is divided almost as well as for adults on several types: moisturizing, protective, from irritation and versatile. A baby's skin fulfills a very important protective function against the adverse effects of the environment. Wrong cream can destroy the protection of their own hands. The cream, in addition to their functions or moisture supply should also create a protective film, but does not clog pores baby.

The basis of a good baby cream, first of all, must be free of oil, such as jojoba oil or shea butter, which are intensively soften, moisturize, anti-inflammatory effect and improve the absorption of vitamin D. So carefully study the cream before buying. By the way, the number of substances in cosmetic products, as a rule, written in descending order, so if you find a few useful ingredients, but they are at the end of the list, it means that there is less of everything. Learn Latin at least at the primary level, all the names are written in this dead language :-)

Baby Oil

Oils are divided into cleaning, soothing, nourishing and massage. Cleansing oil does not dry the skin, unlike soap, and it can be used daily. Nutritional oils useful in the cold season. In addition to oil composition in the vial must be proteins and vitamins, such as E and B1. If a baby has an allergy, sores or rashes, you can use a soothing and antiseptic oil, but it can not be used on a daily basis, it is likely already Cosmetics. To massage the most harmless are almond and apricot kernel oil. Or consider and rose oil, which also has a relaxing and calming effect. And no fragrances and flavors, remember that the baby smell is much more acute than in the adult.

Baby Shampoo

Should be chosen with great care, although the baby will use it no more than 1-2 times a week .  The first requirement - a soft compound that will not irritate the skin or scalp or eyes .  Children in any case no need to use adult shampoos, even if they are good .  The pH of baby shampoo should be slightly acidic reaction, and its value does not exceed 5, pH 5 .  The structure of the hair and protective properties of the skin of the child differ from adults .  Baby hair is very thin, and the skin on the head is too vulnerable .  Baby Shampoo should moisturize, nourish, protect, and have anti-allergy properties .  Keep in shampoo were herbal extracts and vitamins .  In detskoyserii shampoos Lundenilona, ​​for example, contains an extract of licorice, aloe, vitamins B5, B6, E, which protect the cell structure, feed, maintain energy balance in the cells of the skin and hair, are involved in the formation of pigment in the hair, protect against UV and stimulate growth hair .


Wipes - almost the most necessary and important thing detskoykosmetichki. When selecting napkins note their softness, strength, thickness, and of course the structure. It is better if the newborn will be used napkins odorless. To impregnate napkins should be used anti-allergic compounds, extracts of chamomile, aloe vera. Unfortunately, most of today wipes contain in their composition of chemicals that can harm the baby, so do not be lazy to look for napkins, which are based on glycerol, extracts of chamomile, aloe vera, and oils such as lavender or lemon, as well as vitamin E.


Perhaps the most aggressive cosmetic for children. To make it more gentle, prefer those classes where all the chemical elements are replaced by natural counterparts. It is thin and vulnerable stratum corneum babies are extremely sensitive to any kind of influence, and skin breathing in newborns 8 times more than adults. For the smallest is best to use liquid soap with emollient and nourishing components as solid can rapidly damage the protective film on the skin of the baby and it is strongly retain moisture. Liquid soap is acid-alkaline balance, close to the natural parameters of the skin, and has a very gentle action. You can not abuse the antibacterial soaps, because they kill not only the bad bacteria but also the good, leaving the child vulnerable to the environment.

And remember that makeup should buy only proven brands or in specialty stores, which met the conditions of storage products. And every product is best to try on a small area of ​​the skin of the kid and see the reaction. And by the way, makeup should be replaced regularly, about every 3 months comes addictive and the effect that was the first time, it is hard to achieve. But, replacing a couple of months favorite cream or shampoo on the other, the kid can go back to him when his skin "forget" the first makeup. "

 Lena Lenina on cosmetics for babies

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova