From rags to riches, or dirt in the service of beauty
 We are really looking forward to a long-awaited vacation, but a vacation for all of us is different. For some, this garden beds and for others - tours of the "ruins of the princely" for third - extreme safari and scuba diving, for the fourth ... Fourth concern to rest as an opportunity to regain strength, health and beauty. Geography of the holiday coincides with the location of sources of healing mud.

Tested recipes Health and Beauty - face in the dirt

Therapeutic mud, in general - a unique natural product, rich in nutrients and extremely easy to use. Mud treatments, neutralizing free radicals, prevent the aging process, improve skin and stimulate its regeneration. Elasticity, freshness, smoothness and beauty - this is the result of the application of therapeutic mud. With sapropelic mud conducted anti-cellulite body wraps and modeling, peeling, deep hydration and mineralization of the skin. And with the help of mud cure various diseases - epochal stress, fatigue, insomnia, reduced emotional tone, and skin diseases, nervous disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatic diseases, rehabilitation after injuries, fractures, and complex operations, and many others.

Most of the procedures are not available either at home or at the spa. And because of the "mud beauty" better to go to the source of healing mud that is straight to the resort. Where exactly - tell the doctor or cosmetologist, much more "pull" - defines ourselves (mud not prevent extensive cultural program), we will also make a brief overview of mud spas, of which, as it turned out, in the world of great variety. The most famous of them are in Germany, Bulgaria, Israel, Turkey, the Czech Republic and some other countries. Let us dwell only on some of them.

 From rags to riches, or dirt in the service of beauty

Geography irresistibility

Israel.   Let's start with Israel and the world-famous Dead Sea, in which the number of medical salts, minerals and other nutrients in ten times more than any other. The basis of the water is potassium, calcium and magnesium, and salts of bromine, so dirt deposits have enormous therapeutic potential. In cosmetic applications actively used local green clay, which is perfectly tightens pores and rejuvenates the skin. According to experts, the regular use of clay perfectly replace the braces and cryogenic nitrogen.

Israeli resort of Tiberias, located on the shore of Lake Galilee, famous mud therapy based on the use of therapeutic mud "Peel", formed from mineral deposits in rivers and at the bottom of the lake. The high concentration of minerals in the mud for a long time makes it possible to store heat and contributes to the renewal and improvement of skin turgor.

Bulgaria.   Summer Holidays in Bulgaria - it is a great opportunity to combine a sightseeing vacation and therapeutic mud baths, so - get new unforgettable experience and take care of their beauty. One of the most famous Bulgarian resorts mud - Pomorie, located on the Black Sea. This place is known black mud - a unique natural product that is formed in the lagoon Lake Pomorie. Advances in the application of sludge in the industry of health and beauty turned Pomorie in the famous spa and thalassotherapy center in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, which annually flock to the fair sex, unwilling to part with the youth. Generally, mud baths offered by many Bulgarian resorts - Hisar, St. Constantine and Elena, Golden Sands, Kyustendil, Bansko and others.

Germany.   In Germany, the mud, containing valuable biological ingredients are important therapeutic and cosmetic products. Due to its characteristics, they give off heat slowly and evenly, body healthy and rejuvenating the body, as well as excellent lifting stress.
One of the oldest health resorts in Germany is Bad Bentheim, where the mud is successfully combined with therapy sulphurous water. Another famous mud resort in the country is bad wurzach, recreational potential which is enjoying the 17th century. Feel "born again" can, resting on the mud resort of Bad Sassendorf known - apart from the marsh mud - also for its mild climate and clean air. Local doctors are practicing an integrated approach and therefore offers not only a cosmetic procedure, but recovery of the whole organism. But we know that the "ills" in each of us a lot.

Other well-known German resort offering opportunities mud is - Bad Neuenahr, Bad Reichenhall, Bad Kissengen, Bad Pyrmont, Oberstdorf, Fyusen.

 From rags to riches, or dirt in the service of beauty

Turkey.   Among the tourists from Russia, the United States, the Netherlands and other countries well-known for mud baths of Dalyan. And no wonder, because it is the newcomers discovered the miraculous properties of the local mud that tightens the skin and perfectly clean pores.

It is well known visitors for mud baths and a picturesque lake Köycegiz (Myugla), which lie on the road to Fethiye and Marmaris. Located between Lake Köycegiz and the Mediterranean Sea thermal waters Riza Cavus form water and mud pools - a kind of spa salons outdoors.

Czech Republic.   Czech Republic - this is an excellent option of rest and "guidance" beauty for people with average incomes. Of course, the most famous Czech spa town - Karlovy Vary it. Here, mud applications successfully combined with drinking water treatment on the sources, which are different in composition, temperature and properties. Together, this provides an excellent wellness and anti-aging effect.

Another famous mud resorts of the Czech Republic Bechyně is located in the valley of the river Luznice. There muds are treated fairly serious diseases musculoskeletal system, and develop an effective program for recovery and rehabilitation the body after illnesses and operations, after which you feel "like new."

Russia.   Well, one of the most popular Russian resort is mud resort Caucasus mineral waters, and more specifically the city of Pyatigorsk, which is located near the lake Tambukan. It is here that produces mud that copes with various diseases of the skin, providing anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect. Due to its wonderful properties, it effectively fights cellulite and strengthens hair roots. But most importantly - the dirt is completely normalize skin condition - it cleanses, absorbs excess sebum, removes dead cells from the surface. Through this action improves metabolism in the cells of the skin, irritation disappear, wrinkles and slow the aging process of the skin. The very same skin is young, fresh and velvety. Is not this what everyone wants the fair sex? ..

Therefore, the active waving your night's rest in European metropolitan areas and go to the mud resort. After his visit, you'll understand: the saying "From the dirt - to riches" has direct implications. Because otherwise as "queen" after you magnify mud baths too, no one will.
Author: Masha Medvedev