People cosmetology, or how to be beautiful
 Today a lot of talk about traditional medicine: and on television and in the press. Since, however, it has been done before, but only by word of mouth through "word of mouth". I will speak about traditional cosmetics, but rather, about the masks face and hair available and proven.

Face masks

Tea   Many drink regularly, but used in cosmetics much less frequently. But people's Beauty has a huge amount of secrets and recipes. Here are the most accessible of them:

- A teaspoon of any tea pour boiled water and leave for half an hour. Cotton pads soaked in the infusion, wipe your face and neck. This procedure is a good tonic, but more suitable for aging skin. If you are the owner of oily or combination skin, add a silent infusion of fresh lemon juice. Then some lotion pull together the pores.

- 100 gr. Mix honey with two tablespoons strong brewed tea. The resulting mixture was put on a quarter of an hour on the face and let yourself relax. Then rinse with cool water, the best mineral. This mask is effective at dry, sluggish and even yellowish skin, it softens and brightens somewhat.

- If you smoke, I recommend using green tea with the addition of inflorescences lime tree. And tea is delicious, and the application of masks on this basis, the result, as they say, on the face.

Fruit Mask:

Many have their own gardens and gardens, so summer - time to beauty.

 People cosmetology, or how to be beautiful
 - Rub on a small terochke a couple of apples and apply the resulting slurry on the face and neck. Fifteen minutes later, rinse with cool, but not cold, water. Of course, if you have dry skin, first lubricate it with cream. This mask freshens, vitaminiziruet, nourishes the skin, and if the skin is oily, then the astringent action provide. This recipe is my grandmother taught when we went first pimples and skin glistened in the sun and glistened.

- Hawthorn - an amazing berry. There are so many things at once, it is impossible not to draw his attention to it. Hawthorn berries have to grind, first removing the stone. Be sure to add the resulting puree cream sour cream or honey. Apply on face and neck for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water. Masks from the hawthorn give elasticity the skin, relieve fatigue, blackheads and tightens pores. I was lucky, this shrub grows quite close to my home. So I use hawthorn berries and not only in cosmetology.

- Do you like to eat cherries? I, too. But my neighbor does it on his face. A tablespoon of fresh cherry juice mixed with a little potato flour, although I substituted for the rice, apply to cleansed face and twenty minutes remove with cotton pad soaked in warm water. Masks made of cherry more suited to owners of oily and combination skin, as it tightens pores and improve the complexion. For fortification, wellness and nutrition rather put on for twenty minutes just mashed berries cherries, then wash with warm water.


Generally, when I found this recipe, I was pleasantly surprised. They make the skin supple and smooth and relieve acne. The recipe is very simple and accessible:

- Yeast breed in warm water until the consistency is not very thick cream. Apply to face, neck, décolleté quarter of an hour. Wash off decoction or infusion of herbs. You can take chamomile, sage, linden blossoms, that is what more like it, come up and just warm water. Once the yeast was dissolved in water with oily skin, at normal or dry - in any vegetable oil, as well as desired.

Hair masks

After pregnancy and birth of my hair has become a sick theme. Dull, split completely lifeless, and eventually they also began to fall, so much so that it became scary. And then I found recipes that can help. All the ingredients can be found in your own kitchen. And it's not just cheap and cheerful, but also very convenient.

 People cosmetology, or how to be beautiful

- Herb rosemary (two tablespoons) of half-liter bottle fill Vodka. Steep in warm dark place for two weeks, every day by shaking in dark container. Strain and, please, you have a lotion for the scalp. Fabulous strengthens and nourishes. If you want to treat your hair, then Apply this lotion to hair roots each night. Rinse should be only in the morning. If you just want to pamper your hair, then apply the lotion to the roots hair a couple of times a week, two hours before washing.

- Depending on the length of hair, take a few egg yolks, whisk together thoroughly in a glass pour kefir or yogurt. I'm such a mixture of hair washed once in two weeks, of course, no shampoo. A decoction of sage rinse is better (For oily hair), a decoction of nettles (for weak hair), a decoction of lime color (dry hair).

- If your hair is greasy at the roots and dry at the ends, I recommend using a shampoo for oily hair, and a balm for dry. I call this method of checks and balances.

- Loose hair can wipe the balm of birch leaves. Tablespoon of birch leaves pour a glass of boiling water. Steep for two hours, strain and Apply to the hair roots, spreading along the entire length.

Regular use even part of the recipe above, guarantees you the beauty and charm. Do not forget to pamper yourself beauty treatments. Of course, professional Cosmetic cabinet, this is not your kitchen. But when there is not only time, but also of available funds, the people's Beauty has to be very helpful.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova