Banya. Part 2
 All kinds of saunas and steam rooms.

Eastern (Turkish) bath. In the east, under the baths meant not only the sweat lodge: it is the whole bath complexes, including warming up, washing, cooling, swimming, massage, sports exercises, relaxation, reading.

  In the eastern baths serve as a source of evaporation floors, warmed to 50-60 ° C. Walking on them is necessary in wooden sandals. An additional source of steam are sometimes stone vaults furnaces or boilers with boiling water. Hammam - a center of communication, the main thing here - to relax the spirit. Therefore, it is important and the whole entourage, and warming.

A simplified version of a Hammam Irish Bath Invented one Irish doctor in 1856. In such a bath washable first heated for 30 minutes. not very hot room and then about 15 minutes. sweating in the hot, dry steam room with heated walls. After that he makes a massage, and he takes a shower.

Sauna (Finnish sauna).
  Design and rituals of the Finnish sauna is much like that in a Russian bath, except that the "couples" in the steam room is very dry and the temperature can reach 130 degrees or more, the water in the heater do not water, is excluded from the process of the broom. According to statistics, the Finnish sauna more than cars, 80 percent of Finns have their saunas.

Japanese (furo) Bath   It involves bathing in the tub or in a barrel that is filled halfway with warm water and then gradually replenished hot to the maximum tolerable temperature. Often, under the barrel is installed stove.

In addition, apply sand baths, birch, hiking etc. Everything depends on the ingenuity and local conditions - it would wish.

Warming leads to beneficial changes in the functional state of organs and systems of the body, strengthen metabolism, contributes to the development of protective and compensatory mechanisms. This is due to the favorable effect of heat and sweating on the cardiovascular, respiratory, thermoregulatory, and endocrine systems in most people. Bath calms the nervous system, restores vitality, improves mental ability.

The bath is enhanced peripheral blood circulation. Due to changes in the temperature of the skin and internal organs while in the steam circulation changes in all systems and organs of the body. In general, it should be noted that the admission procedures, steam bath with pouring cold water has a big impact on the restructuring of the circulatory system.

Under the influence of the bath is increased oxygen consumption and increased carbon dioxide emissions. During his stay in the steam increases respiratory rate of 20 breaths up in a minute, increases lung capacity, sometimes up to 20%, increases ventilation. An important effect of the steam room is an extension of the bronchi.   As a result, the local relaxation of the respiratory system, breathing becomes frequent and severe. Bath has a positive effect on the immune processes and makes it easier for chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, which are often poorly to conventional therapies.

Many visitors go to the bath for the emotional and mental relaxation. Many sauna is considered a means of positive influence on the nervous system. For two-thirds of the visitors to bath staying there is the removal of mental and muscular tension, they after a bath a feeling of mental comfort, there is a decrease in excitability.
Author: JSS