Can I use cooking oil for the face and body?
 I'm sure the question you asked yourself many times. After all, the benefits of vegetable oils for the skin known to all, and the name of the oils which we fill salads, often can be found on the labels of cosmetic products.

Which oil for cooking you meet on the shelves in a supermarket? Sunflower, olive oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil ... Is there a difference between cooking oils and oils for cosmetic use?

The difference is, let's face it. However, there is good news - the difference is very small, it is the intricacies of the production process. To the product can be consumed as food, it must be subjected to special treatment. In other words, olive oil for cooking and cosmetics - are two different things, although very close. For human consumption, oil is further purified, it eliminates the strong odor and taste. Cosmetic oil more concentrated, they use unroasted seeds. It happens that for cosmetic use oil made from lower-quality fruit.

As you can see, there is some difference. And the cooking oil can be safely used for the skin (harm from it will not be exact), but cosmetic oil to use for cooking is not necessary, even if they are called 100% natural and pure.   The fact that the cosmetic oils are stabilized with the use of chemicals which can be harmful for internal consumption.

Particular attention should be paid to the cooking oil marked "organic", "cold-pressed". These oils are especially useful, not only in food, but also for the skin.

What can I use cooking oil

- Shaving legs

Do not believe this is the best means for shaving that I have ever tasted. Average cooking olive oil. Especially I advise those who have to foot is peeling, dryness, "goose bumps." If you add 2 tablespoons of olive oil a little sugar (brown or white), we get a wonderful scrub and exfoliate shaving is important to prevent ingrown hairs.

Oil perfectly moisturizes the skin of feet provides good glide razor, razor leaves no cuts, and the skin remains irritated after shaving.

After shaving - wash off the oil with warm water. Completely it does not wash off, but it's even good, let it stay for moisture during the day.

- Lips

Any vegetable oil suitable for cooking as lip balm. Cheap and efficient! You do not have to buy a special cosmetic lip balm. Ready to oil - and put a droplet on the lips.

- To moisten the cuticle

 Can I use cooking oil for the face and body?

Again, you can moisturize the cuticles during cooking. You can also apply cooking oil on the cuticles during housework. I poured the olive oil for cooking in a small bottle with a dispenser, and now I use it as an oil for cuticles during a home manicure.

- Hand

Apply cooking oil on your hands and put on cotton gloves. You will see how to transform your skin!

- For body

You can enrich the oil nutritious ingredients to get a scrub:
• 5 teaspoons brown sugar
• 2 teaspoons honey
• 3 teaspoons of cooking oil (sunflower, for example).
It is completely natural, and sometimes I put or render it not only on the body but also on the lips, in his arms.

- For the make-up remover

 Can I use cooking oil for the face and body?

It is not necessary to remove make-up oil that way all the time, but as a temporary measure (for example, on holiday, at a party, or if you disable the hot water) handy. Take a cotton ball and soak in the cooking oil. Oil perfectly removes waterproof makeup. If the skin is too oily, you should wash your face with a mild liquid soap.

- To stop

Cracked heels, calluses can be mitigated and cured mask of cooking oil. Top best to wear cotton socks. Dry skin on the knees and elbows can also alleviate the drop of sunflower oil for cooking.

- For hair

 Can I use cooking oil for the face and body?

Tame unruly and curly hair will help a few drops of oil. Soften the tips of very dry or split ends with oil, they will look more healthy.
Author: Tamara