Geranium on the window ...
 There were times when geranium declared symbol of philistinism. Fortunately, they were passed because geraniums are not only beautiful, but also a valuable medicinal plant, its no wonder our grandmothers were grown on a window with a motley curtains.

Home geranium - Pelargonium, Pelargonium - a perennial herb with a straight stem up to 50 cm or more from the family of geranium. The leaves of Pelargonium round, green or variegated, often with a gun, on long stalks. If the sheet is rubbed, it is felt nice spicy flavor.

Homeland geranium considered South Africa, where today there are more than 200 species of wild plants of this species. In Europe, pelargoniums were introduced only in the XVII century. After 100 years of Pelargonium began to cultivate and grow on the plantations as aromatic plants.

In addition, the geranium considered valuable ornamental plants, which in Europe is not only decorated with balconies, but also parks, gardens, flower beds, outdoor pots. Pelargoniums bloom almost all year round. Quite a large white, pink and red flowers of all hues in racemes inflorescences.

Yet essential oil   not obtained from flowers and fresh leaves and stems. The finished oil is used in perfume, soap and food industries. The geranium leaves contains: vitamin E, chlorophyll, carotenoids, tannins ...

About the medicinal properties of geranium   known in the Middle Ages, it was believed that drugs are able to splice it with the bone fractures. In folk medicine, decoctions and infusions are used for diabetes, diarrhea, kidney disease, liver, heart palpitations, rheumatism, gout, as a good hemostatic and dissolve kidney stones, at a headache. Some healers use pelargonium, as a means to prevent and treat cancer. Are valued as antiseptic, tonic, astringent and anthelmintic properties of geranium.

 Geranium on the window ...
 The infusion of geranium.   1st. a spoonful of fresh geranium leaves pour 2 cups of boiled water at room temperature and left overnight. Drink in small sips throughout the day.

In order to normalize the pressure   not necessarily take into broth geraniums, you can simply bandage geranium leaves to the pulse on the wrists.

When neuralgia   Torn fresh geranium leaves is applied to the affected area, superimposed on top of linen fabric and tied a warm scarf. Leaves need to be changed several times

When otitis   geranium leaves imbedded in the affected ear.

For the treatment of eczema   make a decoction of fresh-cut leaf geranium. They dipped into the water and cook for 5-7 minutes on low heat, and then from broth made gadgets to the sore spot.

The scent of geranium useful to inhale headache, depression, apathy, and fatigue . It's enough just to touch the leaf geraniums or better take a leaf and rub it between your fingers.

For a good night's sleep   it is recommended to put 1-2 pots of geraniums in the bedroom.

Geranium and uses People cosmetology.

- Extracts from geranium leaves in boiled cold water gives a good effect for washing oily, impure and irritated skin.

- Geranium oil has a rejuvenating effect, promoting cell renewal. To do this, 1 drop of essential oil of geranium, sold in pharmacies, added to the night cream.

- Geranium oil, added to olive oil (1 drop in the 1st. Spoon), eliminates peeling and the effects of burns, relieves rashes.

- Add geranium oil and anti-cellulite agents.

Easy to care for geraniums. Just put it on a sunny window, and in the spring bear on the balcony or loggia. Watering is abundant, but as drying earthen coma.

Propagation is by cuttings of geraniums and processes set out in the water. Transplanted adult plants only when the pot to get them small.

 Geranium on the window ...
   However, geranium can also be used as a magical plant Protecting the home from negative energy. And, as a plant, clean the air of toxic and harmful impurities allocated modern materials, gas appliances and destroy microbes.

Those who are in search of its second half, magicians advised to grow a pink geranium. Who has found the love and wants to preserve its originality and passion for many years, should raise a red geranium. And the one who dreams of children - white geraniums.

Geranium any color gives a burst of energy, good mood and helps to find harmony.

The scent of geraniums can not stand the mosquitoes, flies, moths and mice.

Grow geraniums and be happy.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva