Home cosmetics with flavors of New Year
 Everyone knows the New Year - a holiday is very fragrant. Of course, its association with a particular individual scent, but vsyo still the majority - it needles, tangerine, chocolate, ginger. Aside from needles, most sources of Christmas scents edible and even tasty, but we should not forget - almost everything that we can eat, with no less success we can spread on the skin. The effect of the masks of these aromatic products will be no less than by taking them inside.

Fragrant masks, tonics, body wraps help to smooth the skin, cleanse, soften and give it a fresh look, and their wonderful smell will cheer up and will only increase the general festive atmosphere.


The scent of mandarin, it can be considered, a classic of the genre. Contact flavor of citrus products to the New Year lies in our genes. And many still remember themselves as on the eve of New Year's unusual smell of tangerines filled grocery stores, a smooth transition in transport and then finally settles for a few weeks in the apartments. Now we may eat tangerines, and other citrus fruits, all year round, but, nevertheless, one type of bright orange balls is festive associations, banishes depression. And if we take into account the taste and benefits ... Tangerines are full of nutrients - flavonoids, fiber, vitamin C, which they just do not! And all this wealth can do a good job and our appearance.

 Home cosmetics with flavors of New Year

*   Compress from the juice of mandarin face

Putting gauze in several layers, and impregnated with its tangerine juice. Compress impose on the face for 30 minutes, then rinse with cool water. During the procedure you need to relax, comfortably seated on the sofa, under the quiet music.

*   Citrus Tonic

Pour into crust tangerine chinaware cold boiled water (shred the rind, without taking it out of the water), insist night, filtered. The resulting citrus tonic can be wiped clean or rinse your face in the morning and evening. It is very refreshing and rejuvenating any skin pores.


All we have heard that there are not only the chocolate sweets and cakes, but also wraps, masks, massages and baths. How could I do such magic procedures useful for the skin and for emotional balance. It may be used advantageously in chocolate and masks for the hair. With chocolate masks hair nourish, firm, moisturize, and literally absorb alluring aroma.

 Home cosmetics with flavors of New Year

*   Chocolate Nourishing hair mask against hair loss

For its preparation mix warm the olive oil and egg yolks in a ratio of 1 tablespoon 2 pcs., 100 g of melted natural chocolate with no additives. This mask is in the form of heat applied to the scalp soft massaging movements for 2 hours. After the application should wear a bathing cap and wrap head with a warm towel. Head wash with warm soft water. The mask is suitable for weak and dry hair.

 Home cosmetics with flavors of New Year

*   Firming mask based on cocoa powder

Cocoa powder breed in hot milk until the consistency of sour cream, brandy carefully rub with egg yolk and add the egg mixture and brandy cocoa. Warm mass massage movements applied to the scalp, paying special attention to the roots of the hair. Make a warm compress for half an hour. Wash your hair with warm water.


Smells of spices - cinnamon, cloves, ginger added to the holiday atmosphere a touch of romance, the magic of Christmas tales. This is especially true of fresh, spicy, delicate aroma of ginger - a popular Eastern spices and unique medicinal plant.

In many countries of the popular pastry dough ginger, in particular painted gingerbread in the form of men, stars, hearts, animals and so on. Yes, and we already seem to acquire a residence permit under the tree for Christmas and New Year fairy houses, walls and roof, which were built of gingerbread dough, decorated with snow powdered sugar, marzipan, marmalade and sweets.

But Ginger may be regarded more as a powerful and source of beauty and health. It has an antimicrobial on the skin, stimulating and toning effect. Wonderful ginger root can significantly tighten the skin, improving its tone and making it more elastic. Useful properties of ginger made it a popular ingredient, which is part of a variety of cosmetic products, including those used in the home, and he cosmetics.

 Home cosmetics with flavors of New Year

*   Mask to improve the complexion

A tablespoon grated fresh ginger (or a teaspoon of powder) mixed with one tablespoon of white clay and a tablespoon of chamomile. Apply to your face, wash off after 10 minutes and put on the face of nourishing cream for your skin type. If the skin is very sensitive, reduce the proportion of ginger in this recipe.

*   Mask with pomegranate ginger

Grate the ginger, and mix with the juice of pomegranate to mushy state. Apply the mixture on the face, neck and decollete. After 20 minutes, rinse with water at room temperature. This mask has a tonic effect, making the skin more toned and elastic, and also has good antibacterial properties.

Hot brewed ginger hair - a good remedy for dandruff, as well as to strengthen hair and prevent their loss.

*   Ginger Massage the mixture

  Mix 2-3 teaspoons of ginger powder with vegetable oil (olive, sesame, almond and peach), about 150 ml. Preparing a mixture of a good massage problem areas thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Easy burning in areas of the skin rubs should not scare, it suggests that ginger has started to operate. If your skin is very delicate and sensitive, change the aspect ratio - reduce the amount of ginger in the mixture or increase the amount of oil. Perform the massage should be 5-7 minutes, then rinse with a mixture of massaging the body. Once a week is enough to achieve a healing effect.

And of course - ginger tea! That's for sure: and tasty, and healthy, and flavorful, and festive! And it's very simple. Finely cut a small piece of ginger (or rub on a grater) in a teapot, add tea (black or green), pour boiling water and leave a few minutes. Before use, you can add a slice of lemon in your tea, honey, mint leaves. Strain and drink you can drink.

 Home cosmetics with flavors of New Year

Incidentally ginger tea, boost the immune system, and drives cold warming, has a very nice "side effect", it does not allow to accumulate extra kilos for the long winter months. Ginger is able to "disperse" slow metabolism, so it is a proven and effective tool for weight loss !


Odorless needles Christmas and New Year, and even impossible to imagine. Even if you do not put in the corner of the living room a felled tree that actually commendable nature should be protected, then certainly a bouquet of fir or pine branches home certainly decorate.

Of the remaining unused branches can prepare excellent cosmetic - Concentrated pine infusion . To do this, wash with cold water spruce needles, grind and fill with boiling water. In a tablespoon of needles - one cup of boiling water. We reserve the needle to infuse for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon them. Now we filter infusion through a gauze in two layers and obtain a fragrant liquid for the preparation of various masks. Infusion needles as part of masks and lotions will enrich the skin with vitamins and help restore its natural balance.

 Home cosmetics with flavors of New Year

*   The mask for dry skin

Take 50 grams of pine needles and infusion cheese average fat content (can be yogurt), stirring until smooth. Apply the mask on the skin and wash off after 30 minutes with warm water. The properties of the mask, and toning and bleaching.

*   Mask for oily skin

Well, we beat the egg yolks, add a little salt, a teaspoon of our pine infusion, and the juice of half a lemon. All mix and apply the mixture on your face, and after 10 to 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. At the end of the procedure, rinse your face with cold mineral water.

*   Coniferous milk infusion

Take a sprig of pine needles, finely slice the it and zalёte milk, 100 g pine needles 0, 5 liters of milk. Boil and leave for insisting on 30 minutes. Strain the solution ,. Dampen a cheesecloth and place it on your face for 15 minutes. The skin becomes more elastic refreshed, wrinkles smoothed.

From the needles of coniferous trees can be useful and a decoction.

 Home cosmetics with flavors of New Year

*   Lotion for problem skin

A handful of pine needles, fill with water (0, 5 l), boiled for 10 minutes, strain. Mix pine broth (teaspoon) with 50 ml of vodka, and 50 ml of water. Wipe the face lotion prepared in the morning and evening.

Although the needles, we do not consider edible product, but it is possible to prepare a very useful fortified tea : 100 g of young pine needles, 1 tbsp. l. sugar, zest and juice 0, 5 lemon, 1 liter of water.

Crushed needles pour boiling water, cook, cover 10 to 15 min., Add the sugar, lemon zest. Broth strain. Before serving, cool and add lemon juice. The drink can be drunk as a tea.

Experts believe that it is important that when choosing cosmetic procedures take into account their perception of all the senses. When involved - sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, - the positive effect of any procedure will be maximal. So, the New Year to choose cosmetics and procedures with the flavors of this magical holiday and stay beautiful as ever!
Author: Olga Travleeva