Iris ...
 They say that once the rainbow vanished, as always in the sky and scattered apart, and where the fragments of the rainbow touched the ground, rose beautiful flowers - iris. Or, as they affectionately called our ancestors - that is, my dear ... dear, beloved.

Another legend says that when the earth first bloomed iris, they admired everything, and the gods, humans and birds and animals. When ripe it seeds, the wind to celebrate blew them all over the world, and flourished in different places on the planet colored iris - yellow like the sun, violet, as the distant silhouettes of mountains, red, love, and blue, as blue lakes and glow heaven.

Irises are known to people since time immemorial, so, on the island of Crete found mural is on the wall of the palace of Knossos, which at least 4,000 years. On this mural depicts a priest, surrounded by blooming irises. In the Middle Ages Irises grown in the gardens of castles and monasteries, and then they have appeared in Gardens residents.

In Germany, the iris is called the sword lily-of-behind the leaves, really similar to swords. In Russia, they are sometimes called cockerels ...

In the Christian world they symbolize the suffering of the Virgin. In ancient Egypt, these lovely flowers were a symbol of eloquence.

 Iris ...
   In the genus Iris about 200 species of plants. Homeland irises considered to Southern Europe. In general, iris common in temperate subtropical climate - in Eurasia, North America and Africa. Wild irises in many Mediterranean countries, South-West and Central Asia.

In Russia grows about 80 species. Most of them - is crop plants grown in gardens and parks. Wild irises grow in different places - in steppes, deserts, in swamps, on the banks of ponds, in oak forests.

Iris   - Iris L. - perennial herb of the family of Iris. The name "iris", "iridos" comes from the Greek word for "rainbow", and given to the race because of the rainbow of diversity and beauty of flowers. According to legend, the name given flower Greek doctor (about IV century BC. Oe.) Hippocrates.

Species name - "psevdakorus" - which in Greek means "false." Rhizome irises have thick, juicy, creeping, pale-brown, in the context of a light pink. Iris rhizome is a repository of spare nutrients. Stem juicy, straight from 30 to 150cm in height. Leaves flat, two-row, green, sword-shaped. Flowers are single or bundles, large thick on long stalks of white, lilac, purple, violet and other colors.

Iris blooms in May and June. Fruit - a large three-edged elliptical or cylindrical, oblong box with a brilliant large seeds. Seeds are spread in different ways. Some wind shifts, while others - ants, attracted by an edible appendage available on the seeds.

The rhizomes of iris   It has long been used for medicinal purposes . Their pharmacy name - orris. Essential oil of the root exudes scent of violets. The rhizome contains: vitamin C, sugar, starch, essential oil, iridin glycoside, saponins, flavonoids, mucilage, resin, tannins, organic acids. Although the chemical composition of the plant are still not sufficiently studied.

- Even in ancient times it was observed that broth orris   resolves hardened, solid tumors, "pigs" and dairy acne.

- In iris rhizomes folk medicine used as a diaphoretic, expectorant and a laxative.

- Rinse soothes toothache.

- Juice of iris rhizomes   and broths   is used as an anesthetic in catarrh of the stomach, gastrointestinal cramps, headaches, angina, bronchitis, pneumonia, with enlarged lymph nodes, and as a diuretic in dropsy.

- Infusion . 2 tablespoons minced roots to fill a glass of boiled water at room temperature, leave overnight, drain. Take 2 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

- In aromatherapy "orris root" is used as a sedative.

- Ground into flour roots iris can be added in pastry, used as flavoring agents, in small amounts are included in spices. In Armenia, the petals are boiled jam.

 Iris ...
   - The Perfume essential oils of iris   flavored creams, soaps, toilet water.

- Oil iris is an integral part of the tooth powder, powder.

- To skin was smooth, silky and clear of acne acne used washing decoction of the rhizome . In addition, from the washings this broth fade freckles and smooth out wrinkles. 1 teaspoon crushed roots of sugar and 1 cup boiling water. Insist 30 minutes, drain. Store in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

- The same decoction is suitable for douching with women's ailments.

- Decoction of iris helps to eliminate dandruff and dryness. 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar and 1 liter of boiling water, pokipyatit 2-3 minutes, leave for 40 minutes, cool.

- Juice of iris rubbed into the scalp hair loss and to stimulate their growth and density.

A vintage girl using iris bewitch the guys. Tearing flower, saying: "Iris, my go to my home to live, and with us and my husband, servant of God (name)." A successful marriage dried flower should be disposed of, stored it should be for life in a secluded place.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva