Soon holiday! Christams beauty care
 Before the New Year there are not a lot of time. And, perhaps, there is no woman who would not want to look beautiful and well-kept New Year's Eve. Here are just take care of this need in advance, especially as there are available to any woman for ways to improve their appearance.

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. But many winter skin under the eyes becomes flabby, bruises, bags. Experts advise to use daily eye cream in the composition, which has collagen To make the skin supple.

You can make yourself packs of tea leaves of green tea or tincture of calendula .

1 teaspoon of flowers pour 1 cup boiling water incomplete, insisting 30-40 minutes, cool, strain, moistened gauze in the infusion or cotton swabs and put on eyes for 15 minutes. Wash is not necessary.

 Soon holiday! Christams beauty care

Many were upset facial wrinkles. They are often neither by age, and from certain habits. Experts advise not to frown, that is, watch your facial expressions. Do not sleep, his face buried in the pillow and cushion is better to choose low. Do not drink a lot of fluids the night, it is advisable to three hours or two before bedtime drink tea or water.

In the morning an hour before going outside helpful to wipe her skin tone ice cube from the tea leaves of green tea .

 Soon holiday! Christams beauty care

Once or twice a week is useful to make firming mask :

Mix the egg whites with ¼ teaspoon of yeast and 4 drops of lemon juice. Apply makeup brush in two layers, throw back his head and soak for about 10 minutes Rinse with swab dipped in lukewarm tea leaves of green tea, wipe the face with ice cubes.

If the skin is dry, you need to add a mask of a little olive oil.

Experts advise winter wash with boiled water and do not use strong peelings As the skin and so becomes drier and thinner from frost and heat.

 Soon holiday! Christams beauty care

And this time, the skin is particularly in need of humidification . Therefore, it is recommended to do 2-3 times the evening hydrating mask . For example, Chamomile :

1 tbsp. spoon chamomile Pour ½ cup boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, strain and take 1 table spoon of broth, mix 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 drop of rose oil (you can not), put on the face for 15 minutes . Remove swab dipped in warm water and then wash the remaining chamomile infusion.

You can make masks of the winter vegetables .

 Soon holiday! Christams beauty care


Turning in a piece of banana puree, take 1 tbsp. spoon mashed banana, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sour cream, ½ teaspoon olive oil, 1 drop of tea tree essential oil, mix well, apply on face for 15 minutes, remove swab dipped in a little lemon juice podkislёnnoy water. After 5 minutes, wash with boiled water at room temperature.

The mask of kiwi

Kiwi clean, turn into a puree, add 1 egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of honey, mix, apply on face for 15 minutes, remove swab dipped in the tea leaves of green tea.

After 5 minutes wash with mineral water without gas or boiled water.

 Soon holiday! Christams beauty care

Hands in the winter, too, need a gentle care Otherwise no manicure decorates wrinkled hands. It is best to wash them is not an ordinary soap, and liquid or gel. After washing your hands definitely need a good wipe.

Moisten hands help ordinary Wheat flakes . Soak flakes in hot milk, so as to obtain slurry, to swell, add 1 teaspoon of honey and apply on your hands as a mask on your face. 20 minutes later rinse and grease with vegetable oil.

Burrs   disappear if, after trays with tea soda   (1 tbsp. Teaspoon per 1 liter of warm water) rubbed into the base of the nail olive oil .

A baths with sea salt   strengthen the nails.

 Soon holiday! Christams beauty care

And of course, to be cheerful and full of energy should not forget the walks even in bad weather and about nutrition.

Instead of sugary drinks, coffee is better to drink herbal teas rose, cranberry, strawberry, cranberry juice and tea with black currant jam.

On the eve of New Year's Eve will help restore vigor Banana drink :

Grind 1 banana, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or lime juice, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of chopped walnuts and 1 part-time cup of yogurt. All mix well and drink slowly sips.

 Soon holiday! Christams beauty care

Author: Natalia Alexeeva