Tears beautiful nymphs
 Amber is truly one of the most magical stones, shrouded in mystery. How many stories and legends about it there!

Ancient Greek myths associate it with tears of Phaeton sisters, mourn his death. A yellow resin used in ancient times as varnish, the Greeks named after the golden-haired Queen Berenice.

Amber is found in the tombs of ancient Egypt, amber mentions in his poems Socrates. In ancient Rome amber, likely got together with Phoenician merchants and become almost priceless. Pliny the Elder wrote that the small figure of amber cost more than a good, healthy slave.

I believed in the power of amber Nero and fitted out for him its merchants. A favorite of the emperor was a black stone amber. Roman patricians used to carry amber beads, rubbed his hands, believing that the amber strengthens their power.

What is amber?
This fossil fossilized resin of ancient pine trees, light yellow, orange, red, brown and even white flowers.

More ancient assumed that the origin of the stone is associated with the plant world. I wrote about this more Roman historian Tacitus, but to prove it, and could only describe the Mikhail Lomonosov.

 Tears beautiful nymphs
   In ancient times and in the Middle Ages people believed that amber is not only decorates, protects, but also heals and helps preserve the beauty. What's interesting is that modern science does not argue with that, and even admits that amber jewelry really are healing .

- It is known that in the amber discovered more than 40 compounds. Amber receive one of the B vitamins - D3, succinic acid, which is a nonspecific biostimulant.

- Amber has also recovered an antiseptic, which is added to toothpaste and ointment for rheumatism.

- If the jewelry in contact with the skin, the amber stabilizes the internal enzymes, improving metabolism.

- It is scientifically proved that succinic acid, penetrating only unhealthy cells, suppresses toxins.

- If you wear a necklace or a necklace made of amber, they serve as prevention of thyroid disease and angina. And if you already have the disease, it promotes healing.

- Amber jewelery or plate from amber to help get rid of headaches, joint pain, promote healing of women's diseases, fever, respiratory distress, kidney and liver.

- It is said that the Polish amber vodka treats angina fine and other respiratory diseases.

- And amber mouthpieces almost double reduce the risk of cancer due to tobacco addiction.

- Once the amber rubbed with rose oil and treat diseases of the eye and ear and rubbing it with honey, applied to cracks on the feet.

- Now many people dream to have dazzling white teeth and expose themselves to unsafe procedures. Traditional healers also claim that if the crushed amber and lubricate their teeth, they will be white, shiny and strong.

 Tears beautiful nymphs
 No wonder, perhaps, our ancestors called amber stone of health, luck and the sun. It was believed that the amulet of amber attracts the love of its owner. In Scotland they believed that witches and evil spirits distilled amber beads collected by all means the red thread.

Now, many women use amber for the benefit of the beauty . Just be real amber - a natural, not synthetic, which is a lot on offer.

- Amber cellulite
We need to take a large dark-colored bead size of a walnut. Lubricate the seat covered with orange peel, oil, let it soak, then these places for 7-10 minutes to roll amber beads, gently massaging the skin.

- Rejuvenating amber water
Strung on a red silk thread beads bright colors and drop them in a glass with a clean, stand for a day with water, cover with a napkin. After half an hour to remove the beads and water wash. You can use a half in the morning, half in the evening. The skin becomes soft and smooth.

- Beauty night
It is believed that if put under the pillow at night amber beads, a woman for many years to preserve youth and beauty.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva