When summer leaves: Cosmetic procedures early autumn
 That summer draws to a close, we can see not just the calendar, but for obvious grounds - become noticeably shorter days, cooler nights, the first yellow leaves to leave their branches ... and More of abundant stalls vegetable rows in the markets and the corresponding departments of supermarkets.

By all signs comes the most fertile period of the year - fall, gold and generous! The beginning of autumn - a period favorable and friendly and, in general, for health, for skin and hair - this time of recovery, rehabilitation after the scorching sun and the stifling summer heat. More is not blowing cold wind, no lingering gray rainy day the sun more in summer is warm, but not so aggressive, gardens and orchards full of fruit and vegetables. What else do you need that to feel comfortable? In general, it's time to do themselves and their appearance.

Cosmetic procedures early autumn

For the majority of cosmetic procedures, autumn - the best time. However, activities such as laser skin resurfacing, cryosurgery, antipigmentatsionnaya mesotherapy, as well as procedures relating to deep peeling of the skin, leave for a later period.   And now, in the early fall, let us more gentle on the effects of rehabilitation, caring and rejuvenating treatments. Moderately warm weather and mild autumn sun do not interfere with conduct hygiene and therapeutic cleansing facial, perform superficial peeling, undergo biorevitalisation.

Beauty salons in the early autumn period can offer undergo salon procedures for deep moisturizing of the skin, massage course using a variety of moisturizing concentrates, serums, moisturizing and nourishing masks, different SPA procedures for face, body, hair. Selection of the necessary procedures depend on the condition of skin and hair, and they are selected individually.

But as they say - on the interior hope, but she did not make a mistake! Even if you use the services of professionals, the need for home care is not eliminated.

Perhaps now the best time to replenish their stocks of cosmetics, moreover, is reducing, health-restoring, moisturizing products. High-quality cosmetics based on natural components of the skin renew, revitalize and betray her great tone. Modelling face masks and creams with lifting effect, cosmetics, peptide complexes, cosmetics based on algae, essential oils (shea butter, rosemary, fennel, citrus), extracts of ivy, horse chestnut, - choose a few.

  And do not forget about the gifts of nature. Autumn offers all the conditions for quality and efficient home skin care using natural remedies.

Masks and lotions autumn period

 When summer leaves: Cosmetic procedures early autumn
 Fall presents us with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, which at that time included in the time of full maturity, and contain the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals - is grapes, apples, pears, watermelons, melons, peppers ... - look at first! Autumn mask will make them.

It's hard to find a more useful berry skin than grapes   Ripe grapes are rich in glucose, protein, vitamins B, C and carotene, potassium salts, sodium, magnesium, iron, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, trace elements, pectin .  Dark sub-species of grapes are rich in bioflavonoids - natural antioxidants that neutralize the effects of free radicals .  Especially a lot of them in the bones and skins .  Recent studies of medicinal properties of this amazing plants are experiencing a real boom, so there are only found useful .  In the bones of red grape found the strongest antioxidant, rezveratol, improves the cardiovascular system and rejuvenate the body .  In its own good, and white grapes .  Of course, the best quality grapes appear when ingested, but unfortunately, there is a rather large list of contra-indications, - weak pancreas problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as well as diabetes or obesity .  But it shows all outdoor use!

 When summer leaves: Cosmetic procedures early autumn
 Grape juice stimulates metabolism in the skin and moisturizes it is no worse and maybe better than many ready-creams. Daily wiping of the face, neck and hands natural grape juice gives a good cosmetic effect. Procedures need to be repeated every day of the grape season. After 10-15 minutes after application grape juice, wash it off with warm water.

The mask of grape juice for sensitive skin.   The two teaspoons of grape juice to add a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of cottage cheese, a good rub. The mixture was put on the face, after 10-15 minutes, rinse with cold water.

  It is very useful even from the point of view of beauty treatments melons and watermelons About their taste keep silent, they need no comments.

 When summer leaves: Cosmetic procedures early autumn
 Pulp melons Rich in vitamin A, when using it as a nutrient and tonic mask, makes skin soft and smooth, hair - a nice healthy glow.

Many vitamins have antioxidant properties in the melon crust. It is useful to apply the crust on your face or rub them and make masks from the resulting mass. These procedures have a significant rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Moisturizing Lotion of melon.   Flesh melon knead and leave for 1-2 hours, then squeeze the juice, mix it with 2 tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of salt. Wait until the salt is dissolved, strain the resulting mixture, and add a glass of vodka. Freshly washed skin rubbing lotion at any time. Rinse it is not necessary to let them remain on the skin for 1-2 hours.

Melon mask for normal to dry skin.   Sliced ​​melon knead until the condition of slurry, mixed with honey and sour cream. 2-3 tablespoons of melon pulp 1 teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of sour cream. Apply mask on your face. After 15-20 minutes rinse.

If a mask melon practice regularly for a month, the skin becomes supple, it takes a white and ruddy with a matte shade.

 When summer leaves: Cosmetic procedures early autumn
 No less useful for health and blooming appearance and striped watermelon From its pulp can be cooked and wonderful cleansing and hydrating mask. Masks can be done even from watermelon seeds because they contain very healthy oil, physical and chemical properties similar to almond ..

The mask of watermelon seeds.   Grind bones as finely as possible (possible in a meat grinder), add a little boiling water. Put the weight on your face for 10-15 minutes, rinse. The skin will acquire a fresh, velvety look.

Mask for dry, dehydrated, with pigment spots of the skin.   Flesh watermelon pound, the resulting slurry should be applied on the face for 10-15 minutes. Dry, dehydrated, with pigment spots of the skin before applying the mask to wipe with olive or corn oil and make a compress for five minutes. To compress wet towel in hot water and baking soda (1 teaspoon per 1 liter of water), or in a warm infusion of chamomile. Mask rinse with water at room temperature and apply a nourishing cream.

 When summer leaves: Cosmetic procedures early autumn
   Masks and lotions pears   make the skin smooth, supple, reduces pores. In addition, these fruits contain luxurious kvartsetin that fights inflammation. Pear juice is suitable for the care of any skin type. For the mask is taken very ripe flesh and kneaded until a slurry. Mask hold for 20 minutes and wash off with warm, then cold water.

 When summer leaves: Cosmetic procedures early autumn
   Good refreshing vitaminiziruet and nourishes any skin mask from grated apples .

Mask of apples for normal skin:   apple peel, grate, mix with a teaspoon of sour cream or olive (corn, sunflower) oil and a teaspoon of starch, applied to the face and neck for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Apple Moisturizing Mask:   grate on a coarse grater one green apple. Add 2 teaspoons of fresh honey. Apply on face for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Wipe face with ice or cold water wash. Apply a moisturizer. After a hot summer, the mask will be a real salvation for sun-dried, tanned, and rough skin.

As for the hair ...

 When summer leaves: Cosmetic procedures early autumn
   Catching rehabilitation skin does not neglect the hair. In the fall, you can restore them with the help of head massage, moisturizing treatment, nutrient serum and molecular Biolaminirovanie polishing. To add a set of salon treatments can and should be homemade masks. For example, as follows:

Grape hair mask.   Clean about 50 grapes from the skin and seeds and mash them into mush, add 1 egg yolk and 2 tablespoons. tablespoons of vegetable oil or olive oil. Stir gently rub into the scalp mask, pomassiruya it, and the rest of the mixture spread over the entire length of hair. Insulate head (cap, towel, etc.), keep the mask for 2 hours, wash your hair with shampoo for your hair type. Then rinse the hair with water, adding half a cup of her fresh grape juice. This mask is suitable dry, brittle hair, it's great animates affected by the heat of the sun and hair.

  The result of a comprehensive approach to cosmetic procedures fall will be soft, smooth, moisturized, elastic skin, ready for all the tests coming cold season, elastic, healthy hair, as well as good health and good mood.
Author: Olga Travleeva