Why Estheticians loved the orchid!
 Orchid - beautiful and mysterious flower. For a long time he attracted the attention of scientists and naturalists healers for its amazing resilience and longevity. From its roots, seeds and beautiful petals finished medicinal tinctures, ointments, love potions and love potions.

The world of orchids is vast and diverse. There are orchids are epiphytes - they live in trees and bushes, getting through their developed aerial roots from rotting from the rain of wood useful substances, and from the air - humidity, there lithophytic living on the rocks, there are terrestrial orchids that grow only on the surface of the soil . There is even a group of orchids-saprophytes - they lack chlorophyll, have green leaves and feed on decaying organic remains of other plants or animals. The vast majority of orchids - the inhabitants of the south, tropical jungles and subtropical forests, they are usually distinguished by luxury, calling and bewitching beauty, but many species of orchids and lives in the middle latitudes. Modest beauties temperate climate attracts the eye fragile and delicate graceful forms - this tender fragrant violet And mottled orchis   and cute lady's-slipper .

 Why Estheticians loved the orchid!

Striking a fantastic variety of colors, flavors and appearance of the orchid family representatives surprising - they simply can not help but admire! But orchids are not only a source of aesthetic pleasure. Almost all orchid species are edible, the flowers are rich in dietary fiber, and are a source of vitamin C. The Asian restaurant dishes flavored with orchid flowers fried, stewed form, as well as potatoes, are very popular.

 Why Estheticians loved the orchid!

And remember the smell of vanilla, so familiar to us from the products of perfumery and cookery, this beautiful orchid aroma vanilla planifolia - From her pod prepared pleasant fragrant spice. And with the recent times in the orchid family noticed and manufacturers of cosmetics. What attracted them?

 Why Estheticians loved the orchid!

Orchid in cosmetology

Home What to look for researchers, the ability of many species of orchids to survive and preserve their beautiful flowers at differences of temperatures from 5 to 40 degrees, tolerate drought for months, and literally eat air. The overwhelming majority of orchids are epiphytes, they grow to a height of about 30-50 meters and have aerial roots. These roots, as serpents hanging down from the trees or on the rocks, and on the surface, due to photosynthesis and specific action of microorganisms is formed VELAM   - A special fabric, which has the ability to absorb and condense rainwater and dew, it consists of 2-18 layers of cells with thin porous membranes. Agree, very attractive property for biologists working in the beauty industry.

  Even the orchid petals - tender and at the same time elastic, like perfect skin of a young girl, could not attract the attention of inquisitive scientists working in the field of cosmetology. The method of extraction of lipophilic flower essential oil obtained orchids, which can be successfully used for the enrichment of a variety of means to care for skin and hair. It has a pleasant honey and floral aroma, with bitter, smoky taste. Orchid Oil contains large amounts of mineral elements such as calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium.

Since a lot of species of orchids (about 35 thousand varieties), each cosmetics company, decided to use orchids in their cosmetics, I chose my favorites, which is on the study of the properties and focused.

  So the research center manufacturer of luxury cosmetics Guerlain   (Guerlain), preference is given to the orchid Vanda Soerulea and Vanda Teres. Extracts from the roots of these plants form the basis of the molecular extract "Royal Orchid"   and the entire line of anti-aging Orchidée Impériale . Why did you choose them?

 Why Estheticians loved the orchid!

The study found that an extract of the roots of the orchid Vanda coerulea has the ability to instantly normalize moisture balance in the skin, and must this valuable quality - phytoalexin, protective phenolic compounds, which are produced in plants as a response to the defeat of various pathogens. Second orchid Vanda Teres, - won the selection for their resistance to temperature changes. It stems found metabolites which, when introduced into the extract, helps renewal of the epidermis and protect the skin from environmental influences.

Orhidarium, greenhouse, where orchids are engaged in research of properties, located on the border of Switzerland and France, and for industry to grow orchids Guerlain in the highlands of China. Work on the creation of new products does not stop for a moment. So, just this year, demanding the attention of fans provided three new exclusive agents, endowed with magical properties orchids. This - soothing and moisturizing lotion enriched with orchid flower water, cream for neck and neck with a lifting and lightening effect, and a mask containing oil orchids and has excellent moisturizing and regenerating properties.

 Why Estheticians loved the orchid!

But the French company Alban Muller Which is a recognized expert in the field of natural products for health and beauty, became fragrant white orchid angraecum eburneum longicalcar and even decided to do a noble cause revival of the flower on the island of Madagascar.

Madagascar is home to many popular orchids - humid climate of the eastern part, covered by tropical forest, is the best suited for their livelihoods. Unfortunately, because of the barbaric attitude, many orchid species on the brink of extinction.

In 2006, on the island were planted the first four escape angraecum eburneum longicalcar, - an elegant plant with delicate lace petals for further cultivation and breeding. So way Malagasy farmers have got a job, and research and production centers Alban Muller Group raw material for the manufacture of valuable natural extract.

On his desire to help the revival of orchids on the island said many leaders of the cosmetic industry, including Yves Rocher (Yves Rocher), Clarins (Clarins), etc., So that the future of orchids in Madagascar encouraging.

 Why Estheticians loved the orchid!

By the way, Clarins   there is a remarkable oil "Blue Orchid"   to care for dry and sensitive skin, the components of which are: blue orchid extract, essential oils of patchouli and rosewood, and walnut oil. Because of orchid extract and essential oils, this tool recovers and tones the upper layers of the skin. Hazelnut oil in the product acts as a moisturizer and softener.

 Why Estheticians loved the orchid!

French luxury cosmetics brand Chanel   anti-aging cream based SUBLIMAGE La Crème   He laid a highly concentrated extract of orchid from Madagascar vanilla planifolia (vanilla ploskolistnaya). Specialists of the company managed by PolyFractioning isolated from vanilla pods active ingredient Planifolia PFA (Enriched Planifoliya PFA-) in an amount sufficient for profitable production of cosmetic products.

 Why Estheticians loved the orchid!

  Despite the fact that the orchid as a raw material for cosmetics quite expensive product, extracts and essential oils orchid used in their products are not only top class manufacturers of cosmetics, but also in other price segments. So, based on natural extracts of orchid and silk proteins made a series of cosmetics for body care from the Silk Orchid Oriflame . This series includes a body cream "Silk Orchid"   (Silk Beauty Body Cream), deodorant antiperspirant 24-hour action, hand cream, shower cream and soap.

 Why Estheticians loved the orchid!

Firm Eveline Cosmetics It offers a range of tools under the intriguing title - "The Magic of Orchids" In which, among other things, it includes a pretty good cream for mature skin - bioenergy Day Cream "Magic Orchid"   SPF 15. This means very successfully combines the properties of orchid extract (refresh the skin and restores its vitality, elasticity) and action of hyaluronic acid (intensive moisturizer). Plus, vitamin complex (A, E, F) and butter Shea (Shea) - natural UV-filter. With this composition the drug reduces wrinkles, lightens dark spots effectively refreshes and moisturizes the skin and protects it from ultraviolet radiation.

Orchid for home use

In countries where orchids are common throughout the flower, beauty smart enough to use them for a long time as a means to restore and protect the skin and hair, without waiting when there cosmetology science and manufacturers of skin care to pay attention to this wonderful flower.

Why do not we take advantage of their recipes ....

 Why Estheticians loved the orchid!

The infusion of the flowers is very easy to do: fresh flower petals fill with boiling water and leave for 10-12 hours. Now it can be used for various purposes - as a rinse for the hair, for the preparation of lotions and tonics for the face and hands.
Tray for hands:   in the infusion orchid hold hands for 10-15 minutes, then wash your hands and apply moisturizer. If you perform this procedure often, the skin becomes soft and velvety, and the nails will be strong and shiny.

Hand lotion:   mix 40 ml of glycerol, 30 ml infusion orchid flowers, 5 ml of alcohol (95%), and a little lemon juice. The composition of the store in a cool place, thoroughly clogging.

Because infusion orchid flowers can be a great cook lotion for dry skin . To do this, chopped lemon zest, pour boiled water and leave to infuse for 6-7 hours. After this time, strain the infusion peel and connect with 100 ml of infusion orchid petals, add a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of vegetable oil. Shake the lotion before use.

So, if you presented a bouquet of orchids begins to fade, do not rush to throw it away. These flowers can still serve you - masks and lotions from the petals of an orchid will make our skin a beautiful, supple and strong, like the petals of the orchid!
Author: Olga Travleeva