Sexual power of smell. Part 1
 A study was conducted among thousands of men as they are affected by the fragrance of the girl. Read and understand why the result is so surprised the researchers: your fragrance can bring a man and even to make him love you more.

You know that when you do something risky, such as the climb to the highest peak, the body produces adrenaline and your appearance makes men do something similar. But that is quite interesting, scent can make a much bigger impression than appearance.   Of course, men like pleasant smells, but has not yet indicated how much they affect the perception of women. The site Men's Health magazine and research experts learned that well-chosen fragrance has a profound effect on the opposite sex. To find out how to use scents to increase the chances of charm, read on.

Only one trail can catch the flavor of the man "on the hook"

To the question: "Does the scent of a woman, her appeal? "89% of men answered" yes. " 60% of respondents said that it was the scent of them decisive reason for dating women.

The explanation for this fact is only one: "Pleasant odors attract the attention of men and make them more sociable," - says Janet Haviland, a professor of psychology and director of the Human Development Lab at Rutgers University. On the other hand, your attractive fragrance allows a man to admire you even more and give you attention. Avery Gilbert, president of the Sense of Smell Institute, thinks otherwise: "If a man first fell in love with your scent, he will no longer pay attention to your physical disability."

The strength of the perfume game.   How to make a deep impression? Tip for beginners: "People need to feel your scent is only at a distance of one foot, if your scent comes out of this range, it means you have gone too far with the application of the spirits" - says Gilbert. One or two touches of flavor is enough. Another method - spray a little perfume on your hair like Knitovski advises Mark, vice president of Victoria's Secret Beauty. Then, only lightly whipping her hair in front of a guy, you will exude a light weightless flavor.

Your fragrance is able to excite his

If you doubt that the smell is able to lure a man in your bed, then pay attention to the following: 55% of men want to make love with a woman because her scent was nastolno seductive and sexy that had no strength to resist. "If fragrance feminine and sensual, brings erotic energy, men subconsciously seek to examine the girl better," - says Gilbert. It can be concluded that If your scent will impress a partner, he will find you a suitable pair, and more want to be around.

The strength of the perfume game. What kind of spirits to choose, to charm a lover? While solid spicy oriental scents - a sign of sexuality, you should not be limited by them. "The powerful floral aromas with the addition of ylang ylang is also very effective," - explains Gilbert. In fact, most modern flavors based on floral notes, have such energy. It is only to give up too light floral aromas and pungent smells. You can afford to choose something original and individual, specific only to you and different from the rest.