Find your sexy smell. Part 2
 Romantic. You can charm people instantly - your way of - traditional: rose petals, seductive music and candles.

The most suitable odors:   "Lovely floral notes, the same as the rose, gardenia, lily, which has long been associated with love and femininity," - says Schiffman. Many men like these flavors is not less than the women themselves. "Preferences are stored in the smells," - she explains. "If a person grew Association floral aromas, then later it will tune in to the romance of it is due to this type of smell."

How to apply fragrance:   a massage to the man, causing perfume to the pulsating point, can also be added to the bath aromatic foam and lie in it together, enjoying the aroma.

  Following the advice of Marie Helene Lapanski, executive director of the Fragrance Foundation, a mixture based on a single flower are warm smell. "They will make your massage is brilliant, because one always reflects the personality of the flower" - says Schiffman.

For romantic flavors include:   Clarins Par Amour; Guess? Eau de Parfum; Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise.


You can charm people instantly, even though you are not a supergirl, but by far not a tomboy. You make men worry because of the natural beauty.

The most suitable odors:   when exiting the shower, use natural broths. "They are very attractive to the same health benefits and have a refreshing effect," - says Rachel Herz, a psychologist at Brown University. Try natural notes of lemon, herbs, lavender, they are very well affect the memory, and emotional state.

How to apply fragrance:   for weak natural flavor should spray perfume the air and pass through the cloud, you can try scented shower gel.

  "These notes include mandarin, cedar and sandalwood," - says Bendes. "They provide the freshness, but also possess exotic effects that can add personality and each puzzle" - says Herz.

These flavors include:   Lovely, by Sarah Jessica Parker; L'Occitane Eau de la Récolte Bleue; Shania by Stetson.

Buying perfume

Select suitable fragrance as individual as underwear. This option will tell others something new about you. In order to facilitate your shopping trip, we give some tips:

Shop in the morning,   as advised Pascal Gaurin, perfumer International Flavors and Fragrances. "Your nose is not yet overwhelmed by the smells, you're not tired of the work."

Do not eat spicy food in the evening before going to the shops, the smell of spices may remain in memory.

And finally, grab with her man - He will tell you the perfect option that will appeal to both.