Fragrant love potions
 One magic with fragrant scent leads a person to love intoxication! Since then, how did the fragrance, people use it to attract the opposite sex. Is it possible that some of the smells excite the heart and awaken the passion?

Yes it is possible; as shown by modern research, our olfactory glands are directly connected with the system of the brain - a repository of memory, pleasure, sexuality and mood.

The smell also affects brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure, and even the muscles work. Aphrodisiacs allow us to experience pleasure, euphoria and sensuality.

When the flavor is perceived as a love elixir he carries a sophisticated and very attractive touch.   Along with the fact that you have your own voice, eye color, its unique features, your body produces the smell, based on the content of pheromones and sexual glands. Since then, as the pheromones have been found in plants, you can try them out on the action itself - use the smells of sandalwood, cinnamon, cardamom and myrrh (drops are applied to the burning embers to create a fragrance in the room).

These essential oils like jasmine, clary sage, frankincense, ylang-ylang, black pepper, myrrh, rose, cinnamon, neroli and Vetiver oil, cardamom, cedar, narcissus, ginger, violet, nutmeg, vanilla, hyacinth, palmarosa, mimosa , cumic oil Aloysius play a role pathogens passion .

These plants can also excite feelings of love   - Ginseng, Chinese Dyagel, Damian yogimb, fennel and fenugreek. The quality of food, use honey, royal jelly, chocolate, vanilla, dates, figs, pomegranates, they will help you to appear "sentimental."

To create your own love potion mixed color violet, jasmine, honeysuckle, or use your own recipe enchanting aroma.

Seductive Elixir Aphrodite   - Is not nothing but a dry or fresh herbs, flowers and spices, mixed and placed in a special container. Align rose petals, cardamom, cinnamon stick and lemon peel and mix fresh ginger, dry patchouli and sandalwood chips. Fill the resulting mixture of a small amount of vegetable oil (almond or grape extract). Wait 3-4 days, if you like - try again, you can experiment with the composition and add new combination.

Also seduce her Romeo, you can do the following: Mix two tablespoons of vegetable oil and 12-15 drops of essential (you can try ylang ylang with orange). Try adding honey, wine, rose water, vanilla extract or henna. This aromatic medicine you need for rubbing into the skin of your young man, when you decide to give him a romantic evening with a massage.

Bring in your life more romantic   - Dip in the fragrant elixir cotton ball and apply the liquid in the charming decollete - your perfection is not the limit.

Natural essential oils with a small application creates a fragrant trail, but do not overdo it with extracts such as myrrh and cardamom: they are too heavy for everyday use.