History House: Dior fragrances
 One of the highlights of the recently rocked the fashion week in Paris was the anniversary of the house Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2007. As it happened, the sixtieth anniversary of the brand coincided with a decade of "reign here," creative director John Galliano, who can rightly be called one of the most gifted designers of all time. In connection with this event, and I decided to implement a kind of journey through the history of the creation of the brand, but we will not deal in clothing and accessories, and much more important part of the female image - flavors.

Digging deeper, I realized that there are to choose from that, and whatever you may be, - all the same you will find exactly what you need.

Mortal danger: Pure poison

 History House: Dior fragrances
   Gentle poison - and that says it all about a girl who will prefer the new, turn the head of worldwide fragrance by Christian Dior. Woman Pure poison
gentle, emotional and sensual. She knows what she needs, and goes straight to his goal. In its fragrance she felt her heart hammering, and the intensity of her passion. The freshness of citrus notes contrast with the scent of blossoming flowers and nuances of amber and musk add almost tangible sensuality and femininity. The notes include orange, Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian mandarin, jasmine, gardenia, sandalwood, amber and white musk.

All now: Dior Addict

 History House: Dior fragrances
   She - a bright and bold. She is alien to all that is cloned. It is self-sufficient and successful. This girl deserves this fragrance. "It avoids the pressure. It eliminates the obligation. It erases the boundaries of definitions" - so characterizes their possessor creators. Girl Dior Addict is in search of the absolute. It is a maximalist, and its motto - immediately. It is for her and merged into one so selfish sweet flavors range.

Breathing in the smell, the scent of tangerine tree leaves and flowers of silk did not immediately feel the notes of rose, orange, jasmine and rare flower of Jamaica, which is dissolved for a few hours to fill Midsummer Night vanilla. The loop carries Dior Addict absolute Bourbon vanilla, sandalwood and tonka bean mizorskogo.

Dior Addict 2

 History House: Dior fragrances
   Perfume Dior Addict so successful that a great fashion house could not resist to make a new, more perfect series, and did not come up with nothing better than to call it Dior Addict 2 .  It differs from the first in that it is intended not for that daring woman, which all "the drum", and for the gentle, unspoiled girl whose image and inspired creator .  Creating a new fragrance, he thought of the beauty sitting in a flowering field, dressed in a light pink dress .  The wind caresses her hair and shoulders, and she enjoys the fragrance of flower fields are so brightly dressed like herself .  Notes of peony and violet give the image of a kind of sensuality and romanticism .  They - a symbol of love and beauty, such as pure and strong as their winner .  Come a little closer - and you will feel a light mist fragrance bergamot and orange exudes her skin, giving her pleasure during the July heat .  Delicate and passionate shades of white musk and sandalwood give the image of a young coquette femininity, grace and light mystery, hidden under the cover of darkness, a mysterious warm summer night .

Play with feelings: Dior Addict Eau Fraiche

 History House: Dior fragrances
   For the one who loves the thrill and is not afraid to play with life, a special variation of the legendary fragrance - Dior Addict Eau Fraiche. It is more light series. She indulges us lightweight floral and citrus notes. But, oddly enough, it is hidden beneath this easy all the same indomitable energy of freedom - freedom of Dior Addict.

Top notes of mandarin, bergamot, tangerine tree leaves.

Notes of the "heart": Bulgarian rose, jasmine petals, gardenia, tuberose.

The lower notes of sandalwood, rosewood.

The absolute femininity: J 'adore

 History House: Dior fragrances
   "I love" - ​​so translates the name of the perfume. And the creators were not mistaken. Who would any of my friends bought this particular flavor of them and I just heard: "My dream has come true - I found what I was looking for sooo long," or something like that. Why is that? Because these spirits really brilliant. Woman from DIOR love ... in life, in beauty, in man. The perfect blend of mandarin, jasmine and musk make the fragrance very feminine and sensual. «J ador - radically new and, at the same time, made very - diorovsky" - in one voice say critics. Radiant and sparkling mandarin motifs in the initial scheme; rose, jasmine, damask plum, crystallized orchid - in the "heart"; and blackberries with musk - in the loop. All this is contained in an elegant glass bottle in the form of a Greek amphora with an elongated neck, surrounded by golden rings as women of African tribes.

Vulnerable sissy: Dior me, Dior me not

 History House: Dior fragrances
   But especially for young lovers of the brand, the fashion house has prepared a soft heady aroma that surrounds his obladatelitsu ease and freshness of a true pleasure, and in which it is impossible to deny themselves .  You - a good and bright, soft and vulnerable .  Romance - this is your credo .  Then a new floral fragrance Dior me, Dior me not by Christian Dior, and you - the perfect combination .  The delicate fragrance will serve you a powerful tool for seduction, to which it is simply impossible to resist, because contact with the skin gently, as if he reveals you all doing around easily vulnerable .  Each droplet symbolizes the refinement, sophistication and femininity .  Dior me, Dior me not - this is the perfect tandem fashion and fragrance .  It is designed especially for the young, sexy and perky girl who follows the fashion and can not live without saturated colors .  She's not afraid to experiment, to be original .  Always express and defend their own opinions, emotions and desires .  Created in 2004, the perfume is still perfectly completes the image of a girl . 

"Up" flavors: ozone note, orange blossom.

Notes "Hearts": bergamot, green hyacinth.

The final notes of freesia, forget-me, white cedar.

Stellar disease: Star

 History House: Dior fragrances
   Be a star in your life, both on the podium - that's what the new call for perfumes Star. The inspiration for the sparkling flavor of the same name became a collection of clothes by Christian Dior. The fragrance opens with notes of bergamot and tangerine tree petit grain. At the heart of the fragrance - a beautiful floral bouquet of peony and honeysuckle shades. Softness smell give sugar-coated almonds and musk.

The story of the sequel ...

Few other brands of fragrances


Scents: floral, fruity. Notes flavors: bitter orange, mandarin, freesia, magnolia, rose, lily, honeysuckle, blackberry, pear, raspberry, cedar, musk and amber.


Oriental, warm, spicy, sweet, captivating aroma. Dioressence - a fragrance that embodies all the unsolved mysteries of the East.


Spicy woody fragrance for the modern businesswoman. Bouquet smells of magnolia, rose, cinnamon, peach against a background of vanilla and sandalwood. Designed house Christian Dior in 1996.


Year 1999. smell: Oriental. Top notes: bitter almonds, cumin. Note the "heart": jasmine. Konechnach note: vanilla, musk.
Author: Alice Kvich