How to make the scent was a continuation of your clothes
 Incredible pursuit of innovations in the world of perfumery should be carefully combined not only with the changes in your character. The fact that a great importance is the way in harmony with the fragrance of fashion, which used to people. Therefore, read the article and remove the useful information that will help you in the future when choosing a perfume.

"From my experience, it follows that branded and unpredictable styles are combined with fresh and fruity aromas, while those who wear light clothes bright colors, choose floral scents," - says the expert in the world of Frederic Malle perfumes.

What about women who prefer satin, velvet and leather? "They choose oriental flavors" - explains Lauris Rama, president and founder of Bond No. 9 fragrances.

Before you take these tips into service, consider the following: the company producing perfumes Riviera Concepts Inc conducted a survey, in which was the output, based on the preferences of color, shape and texture. And what if the clothes do not combine these three qualities?

"The test results must be carefully handled personally," - explains the vice-president Margaret Spasuk Riviera. Women who participated in the survey, as expected, the combined ordinary clothes with known spirits.

Avery Gilbert, a psychologist and president Synesthetics Inc is not surprised by the survey results. "Our association is often the same, it's nothing special," - he explains. In 1995, scientists have observed that the brain receives visual and olfactory signals, affecting its activities. Know how to properly combine them and you will be victorious in the struggle for perfection.

Your style - sexy. Your flavor - East

The clothes you prefer leather things, tight dresses, tops metallic shade, eye-catching handbags and high heels.

Your odors:   seductive scents that contain spices such as cardamom and pepper, flowers: Bulgarian rose and Egyptian jasmine, seductive notes of vanilla and musk.

Try this:   Calvin Klein Euphoria, Avon Extraordinary, Soul by Curve, Donna Karan Wenge, Chanel Allure Sensuelle, Valentino "V."

Your style - romantic. Your smell - flower

The clothes you prefer fishnet dresses, skirts, "light" sandals.

Your odors:   impressive combination of gardenia, peony, orchid, lotus and some woody notes.

Try this:   Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, American Beauty Wonderland, L'Occitane Lavender Eau de Recolte Bleue, Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb, Stephen Burlingham Truly.

Your style - branded. Your smell - fruity

The clothes you prefer ordinary, but at the same time elegant and slightly funny things - from lacy tops to the classic blouse, from shoes to ballet flats.

Your odors:   fruit aromas with hints of melon, lemon, lime, blackcurrant, quince, even honey.

Try this:   Miss Dior Chérie, GAP Woven Cassis, Adrienne Vittadini Capri, Bond No. 9 New York Hamptons, Cacharel Promesse, Clarins Par Amour.