Current facts about chronic fatigue syndrome
 Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is widespread in modern society, while often it affects women. This pathology affects the formation of family problems, tensions in communication with colleagues and a general dissatisfaction with the world around them. The solution is timely access to a doctor and then use modern complex regimen of drugs.

According to the statistical research of Russian specialists, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   gradually coming to the fore among the "non-lethal" pathology of the nervous system. It is noted that most CFS affects women - is due both to a high degree of emotional lability, and with a considerable workload for women. In fact, they work in two shifts - at home and at work - while simultaneously finding nareshenie problems in the family and in compliance with modern standards of appearance and attractiveness.

Psychological experiences (for example, about the problems in the family) are complemented by "failures" in sexual terms, and the data points are interconnected, and often determine the root cause is not possible.

Modern research of chronic fatigue syndrome say that it can be associated with psychological or physiological problems of the organism and placed at the boundary of these states. In any case, experts strongly recommend not to wait samovyzdorovleniya from CFS and resolve problems in the family and seek to profile the doctor.

Currently, one of the most common approaches to treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome is the appointment of the combined drugs with sedative effect and helps to eliminate the symptoms of the disease - in domestic practice, this is most commonly used Bellataminal .

The main "point of application" combination preparations:   elimination of excessive fatigue and irritability, sleep normalization, effective treatment of vascular dystonia, migraine prophylaxis, as well as the installation of a normal menstrual cycle. An important advantage of Bellataminalum   in comparison with other similar drugs is the lack of a negative effect on concentration and memory, allowing you to lead a full life.

Timely and adequate treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome makes it possible to eliminate the problems in the family, bring back the joy of life and peace of mind. The main difficulty lies in the correct diagnosis of the causes of CFS, which experts advise to apply to medical institutions for professional help.