Diseases - fear
 Who of us in childhood was not afraid to stay alone in a dark room and watch cartoons of the evil gray wolf? Yes, we all share the children's fears. Alas, they haunt us forever. So what is really the fear like?

Fear and its variants

Fear - is the emotional state of a person plunges to the feeling of some kind of danger. From the point of view of medicine, fear carries a negative energy. Scientist K. Izard took fear to basic emotions, that is, an innate sense. A man who fears his behavior brings itself to some upcoming disaster, trying to escape it. The reasons for the fear may be many: threats, depression, stress, depression, loneliness, rejection, low self-esteem, a sense of failure, etc. The list is endless.

As a result, the person feels a lack of close attention, seeking shelter and protection from something. The very fear can turn into a more complex form - a phobia. It becomes an obsession associated with a particular object or situation. For example, a patient because of his illness afraid to die and constantly thinks about it. This phobia just will not give him a chance to recover, if he does not get rid of it.

Phobia causes other serious diseases, and not only in the psychological aspect. If a woman is afraid to have a baby, she has a fear. As a result, she never gets pregnant, she would have a problem with that. This is just a small example. Of course, each person has their own individual fears, just someone who is afraid of more, some less.

Fear of a person can appear as aggressive (excited), and depressed. The people are called fear: horror, anxiety, fear, panic. For example, if the fear of a sudden, it means fear, panic, and if long - anxiety, depression. They are its species.

Philosophers discuss about the alarming state of the person. Some argue that the fear of a very negative effect on the body, while others believe that, thanks to him, one can foresee the danger and be able to avoid it. Alas, firmly say that it is really so difficult. After all, scientists have shown that the fear of the disease entails and affects their course.

 Diseases - fear

  The true cause of illness

Sometimes the fear of light, developing, can turn into a great anger. For example, the hostility toward the opposite sex, unwillingness to communicate to someone sexual dysfunction and failure in his personal life. Diseases of the female organs may occur due to the fear of being a bad mother, but also because of feelings of loneliness and lack of attention of a loved one.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract appear from the constant dissatisfaction, fear of being humiliated, feelings of inferiority. In short, blame low self-esteem. But overweight is accompanied by nervous people, who are always trying to seize their problems something sweet. And yet, dissatisfaction with oneself and others, the failure on the way to the target, an insult to the parents entail increased cholesterol. Last defect can be inherited, at the gene level.

From hatred there is kidney disease, gallbladder. Pride prevents forgive someone and take the first step towards reconciliation. And this time again, it is accompanied by the fear of humiliation. Of course, say the word "forgive" is easy, but in the soul to forget the pain inflicted - it is difficult, but necessary if you value your health. You just have to remember ourselves, that we are far from perfect, and too often someone takes offense, and every person - a mirror image of the other, we like each other.

Cardiovascular disease happens to those who feel a sense of guilt, depression something unrequited love (he blames himself for what he had done something wrong for a loved one (th) is afraid of him (her) to lose). A heart attack and stroke happen to those who want to succeed in life, so it runs a race without paying attention to their health. Stroke most die men who have never allowed myself to anyone to give up and did not stop before the intended purpose.

Colds, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia arise, as well as cancer - from harbored a grudge. Brawl in the family lead to pain in the throat, suffer similar problems and gossip. Improper contact with people, resentment, lies, mistrust - all this also entails bronchitis and asthma.

  The conflict between mind and body creates mental disorders and diseases of the brain. From a strong fear can be insomnia, and even hallucinations and mental illness. Also, by inaction, lack of a specific goal, a misunderstanding for which to live, a man slowly losing his mind.

 Diseases - fear

How to be treated?

Everyone wants to be healthy, but not everyone gets. Firstly, it is necessary to find the fear. I find out what I'm really afraid of? What is the main root of the problem? We must begin to deal with it, to transcend it, and just let go. I imagine that threw him in the trash as unnecessary piece of paper. The fear goes away, if we do admit it yourself, forgive others and themselves.

Psychologists offer a simple formula to combat fear. It should be in the subconscious appeal to him: "You're not following me, you're gone forever, I'm not afraid (specify what you are afraid)." Repeat until then, until you feel the result.

Well, remember that it will eliminate the only psychological reason, because in addition there are fears of infection and viruses. Freed from negative thoughts, you just configure your body to a positive reception, giving, him the opportunity to defeat the disease, but, in any case, do not give up on medical supplies and medical recommendations.
Author: Svetlana Doskoch