Do I have to kill the Candida fungus
 Many girls, women, regularly face such a problem of women's health, such as candidiasis. The disease is caused by the vital activity of fungi Candida, quite difficult to treat because the yeast over time tend to develop immunity to antifungal drugs. What actions can be taken if the war with candidiasis played? Alternative methods of treatment of candidiasis tell Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic medicine, or Ayurveda, as it is called, is today considered a classic of alternative practices of the health system. Doctors Vedic medicine have their trek to the treatment of candidiasis. Do not waste your energy, time and money to pharmaceutical methods of normalization of vaginal flora, is much more effective to direct all resources to strengthen the immune system and restore the body's hormonal levels of women - say they are.

According to statistics, about 75% of women at least once in his life faced with vulvovaginal candidiasis (thrush). Often this problem precedes the onset of critical days or occurs during pregnancy. During the initial occurrence of the disease cope with thrush can quickly and without problems, but in the future, treatment with antifungal drugs will not save patients from disease recurrence.

Look for the root cause!

Tactics Ayurvedic medicine sees the root of the problem in the general state of the organism. The root cause of the disease - not the originator! The fungus becomes dangerous only in the case of weakening the body. It is not necessary to "seek the enemy" in the human micro-organisms - fungi, bacteria, and other forms. They have the right to life. The microorganisms are harmful to man only when it is a way of life, contrary to his nature.

Microscopic fungus of the Candida genus is part of the normal microflora of humans and "dwell" in the mouth, vagina and the colon most healthy people. If your analysis shows that you do not have fungus Candida, therefore, it should be understood that their number does not exceed 10 in the 4 th degree. Kandidomikozny stomatitis and vulvovaginitis caused not by the presence of fungi themselves, and their overgrowth. The latter is possible in the conditions of weak immunity.

Strengthen your body!

The saving role in improving body tone assigned immunomodulators, which include herbal: Echinacea purpurea, ginseng, Siberian ginseng, galangal, Leuzea. But the first step on the way to health - it is determining the cause of weakening the protective properties of the body.

5 reasons for concern:

- Too intense workloads;
- A low level of physical activity;
- Wrong mode of the day;
- An unbalanced diet;
- Violation of the hormonal balance of the female body.

The role of stress in causing thrush

Modern woman's life is often associated with stress. In a stressful situation of a woman stops producing hormones, instead of the adrenal glands produce hormones. If time does not take action, a life of constant voltage lead to ovarian dysfunction. In this case, no matter how effective it was pharmaceuticals positive result from their use will follow.

Eat the right foods

During the course of the disease, type in your diet more products with anti-fungal properties: yogurt, cranberries, grapefruit; garlic and hot red pepper moderately. Avoid the combination of fat and sweet, for example, cake with butter cream, potatoes with roast pork, etc.

Do not leave the chance of candidiasis

Avoid the use of tampons and pads with deodorizing effect. Wear possible cotton underwear. Do not douche without urgent need, since the latter violates the natural microflora of the vagina.

Follow the path of health

If you experience symptoms of vulvovaginal (cheesy discharge, itching, burning) take the following measures:

- Stick to a high-protein diet;
- Propyl immunomodulators (according to the manual);
- Plenty of rest;
- Find ways to confront stress;
- Enter mild exertion;
- Carried out by local therapy treatment of thrush.

Take note

Classical medicine insists on compulsory treatment of both partners. Ayurveda considers it meaningless. Man, as a rule, is the only carrier of the fungus Candida. If a woman's body will be healthy, the disease will not come!

The gentle method of getting rid of candida

Designed to cope with the symptoms of thrush herbal medicine. Prepare a decoction of three herbs: teaspoon fitosyrya (yellow water lily, ivy, woodwax - can be purchased at the pharmacy) pour 150 ml of water and boil after boiling 5 minutes on low heat. Let sit for an hour.

Mode of application:   soak in the broth, and gently bandage, wash the vaginal wall. Then take a small swab soaked in a decoction of herbs, and its enter into the vagina for half an hour. Attention - ready swabs should not be used as they take moisture.

Be healthy!
Author: Natalia Bartukova